Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Caught Lying Again (Video Evidence Part 4)

So, in the past few days I posted clips(here, here, here) of Mandy being something other than who she's pretending to be while filming I Hit It With My Axe. Mandy and her goon squad immediately began concocting excuses for her behavior in the clips:

...but she actually comes out and says why she's in a bad mood right there in the footage:

Maybe that's a fluke? Nah, she returns to it over and over. She explains her own behavior very clearly in real time. Mandy--the girl who had no filter--says straight up she's "pissed off" we're not having sex enough because she's too sick, completely contradicting the narrative she gave later. And she complains we're not shooting enough porn:

...and says it again:

Mandy Morbid clearly had no problem telling anyone what was on her mind. She did it day and night. We believed her, we did what we could to keep her happy.

You think maybe she was the world's greatest actress and was saying this all because she knew the cameras were rolling? Then why was she writing the same thing to herself:

I think it probably goes without saying that you can't accuse someone of abuse for doing what you told them to do or for describing you how you describe yourself. But Mandy may no longer be rational enough to understand that.

If this keeps going, this is what we're looking at: Mandy yelling at a judge that me and all her friends--if we were good people--should've ignored what she was telling us about what she wanted, about what she wanted from us. and about the state of her mental health and we should've instead treated her like the person she would pretend to be a decade later.

Even if we could've known she'd turn into this new person, the clips show that doing anything other than what Mandy said she wanted in the moment would've been scary.

So, complete catch-22.

More footage soon,


RayJ said...

None of these clips are viewable via my browser (Chromium), and I can't seem to find them on YouTube via search. I do have ad blockers on, and insist on a https connection, but it feels somewhat conspiratorial.

Zak Sabbath said...


"conpiratorial"-- what does that mean in this context?

Anyway, if you want to watch them and can't jut email me: zakzsmith AT hawtmayle dawt calm I'll send them to you

RayJ said...

"Conspiratorial" in the sense that I can easily view YouTube clips on any other blogger.com site...or, if there is an issue regarding, a pertinent message is displayed (i.e. 'must sign in', 'age-restricted', 'no longer available', etc.). That is not the case here, despite the fact that they are obviously currently hosted on YouTube. The stream is simply dropped with no recourse and a simple link to youtube.com.

I don't really need to see the clips (your evidence seems solid, surely), but I thought you might want to know.

Simon Tsevelev said...

Works fine with Mozilla Firefox. Could be a Chrome issue?

RayJ said...

...just tested with Firefox, exactly the same results. I have some rather paranoid browser settings/extensions, that is likely the issue. It just seems strange that I can view youtube clips at other blogspot.com sites, either without issue, or with at least some information pointing towards the issue at hand. I've only seen these results here.

Simon Tsevelev said...

Could it be related to Zak's blog having the "Warning: adult content" thing?
Or maybe it really is the paranoid logic of the browser settings.

Becami Cusack said...

I think it probably has to do with blogger being an extension of google - Zak, did you insert/embed the videos directly into the blogpost?
If so, that might be what it is, they are not on YT in the same way as a video hyperlinked or embedded from YT - Or they might be unlisted.