Tuesday, June 15, 2021

New Book

It folds, so you can page through it or spread it out as needed.


Jason McCulley said...

That's gorgeous. It looks like a broad-stroke Cube World guide? I'm on my phone, so can't see all the details.

Half Dead said...

Fucking love it 👌
I'm curious on how long did it take to fill that book?

Zak Sabbath said...

@Half dead

its over a decade of content but the actual pen-on-paper time was about 2-3 months

maasenstodt said...

That's awesome. Wish I could buy a copy!

Zak Sabbath said...


If you want to buy one, you know what you have to do

Matrox Lusch said...

Excellent! [Another reminder I have a couple of reviews to write and find homes for...]

You don't use a ref screen, however, 4-6 panels with the random tables and maybe a map on the inward side then evocative locations art on the outward sides would make a terrific "Cube World" screen. Not too tall to inhibit conversation yet tall enough to announce "I AM THE REF!"

Zak Sabbath said...



Miguel Monado said...

I have to buy it... Only if I wasn't broke as fuck

Zak Sabbath said...

@miguel monado

wel its not for sale so no biggie

Peggy - Fils et fantaisies said...

Absolutly fantastic !

Mordenkainendogpissbeer said...


Love it. Keep up the work.

Becami Cusack said...

So are scans or photos of this gonna be in the store at some point?

Trentb said...

If you post reviews somewhere, please make it known here. There may be opportunities to refute any lies or misniformative responses if they surface. I don't have a strong engagement with online stuff so I rarely see that nonsense popping up.

Note R/osr has these rules though:

1. Self-promotion
2. No piracy
3. No insulting language
4. No discrimination
5. No system snobbery
6. No Zak S content

Which is incredible. Clearly hypocritical and contradictory. Anyway. I've spoken to several of the mods about that but obviously gotten nowhere.

Becami Cusack said...

My review of Screaming Lake.

amogus said...


Zak's content got banned because of well poisoning elements from OSR elements that only care about the community enough to dump links to their blogs and kickstarters and never look back at what they posted and trolls spamming pro Zak S memes that were meant to make his actual fans look extremely odious. I don't have them on hand but there was at least one that was like "mandy was 100% right but it doesnt matter because zak kept the feminists away" which despite being bog-standard, obvious trolling and if you actually thought that and professed your belief that was real you'd immediately be banned from Zak's circles, was apparently "evidence" zak was bad. Its run of the mill 4chan /osrg/(so think Cavegirl, etc) posting, you pretend to be someone else or their fan and act like a fucking idiot to make them look bad.

Le Webmaster said...


Le Webmaster said...

It’s been a while without coming back here
What.s the best way to buy cube things already ?
Can we do Wise transfer as before ?
Thnaks in advance for youy reply

Zak Sabbath said...


everyone knows that here—say it there

Zak Sabbath said...

@le webmaster

email me: zakzsmith@hotmail.con

Amogus said...

I tried and got banned

Fonkin said...

As I have no real online presence in the OSR community, I could care less about being banned from Reddit, but is throwing myself on that pyre of disgruntled grognards really the most devastating use of that (long unused) Reddit account? What options are available for us old neckbeards to vent our civil disobedience in your defense? How does this work?

Zak Sabbath said...


For about the thousandth time:

If all the reasonable people maintain an urbane and ironic detachment from online wars over whether creators' lives should be destroyed for things they didn't do and all the sociopaths fully engage, you don't have to be Sun Tzu to see how that'll play out: the bad guys win, every time.

They have won, essentially, and the urbane, ironically detached and reasonable people get less of the things they want because they didn't engage.







someone posts something that isn't true on an RPG reddit, they are sure to meet dozens of people calling them out for it and pointing out all the holes in what they said, they they do it less because it isn't fun anymore, and suddenlt -their-reputation is at risk because it becomes increasingly clear they lie all the time.

If you don't give a shit: that's ok.

If you do: there are literally no good reasons -not- to begin to talk to the other people who don't want this to be the way things are forever and start to do things to create progress.

amougous said...

you planning on talking about Nu-TSR? the bigoted owner's meltdowns have been directly compared to your actions on twitter.

Zak Sabbath said...


i don’t know anything about it

Bolayi said...

I don't get. What is it exactly that you want us to do to get you to sell this book to us?

Zak Sabbath said...


if you want a new book from me you have to decancel me.

A bunch of random anonymous gamers created this problem, only a Bunch of random anonymous gamers can fix it

Becami Cusack said...

Were you ever aware about what happened to Projared?
He is a YouTuber, and was "cancelled" based a a couple twitter posts, and after biding his time and getting completely villified and slandered publicially all over the internet he released a video that showed all the receipts of interactions and completely exonerated himself.
You have essentially done the same.
What is different is he now does what he did before the uproar, he released videos, has sponsors, streams, and generally proceeds further. He has been affected, and what he does will never quite be the same, but nonetheless he has come out of the ordeal.
Have you ever considered that your fanbase, or the people that buy and support your work will support you if you release full-fledged work?
Or does the support of the diy community or the OSR community mean that much or contribute that much more, because at the current rate it seems there won't be an overnight reversal on their biased and discriminatory practices. Perhaps releasing things that are slightly smaller but still a step above the current situation, and slowly becoming a more marked presence would help make those communities more accepting.
I don't know, it seems everybody that was your "friend" flipped to save face or because they were too scared or averse to asking questions of you.
Asking people to band together and help you might be a more actionable proposition if you were pressing forward and working to carve a space and producing content that a community could rally around easier.
I think you have done what needed to be done to decancel yourself, but now you need content that will attract or propel you and your community forward towards something closer to what you have achieved in the past.

Zak Sabbath said...

@ Benjamin Cusack

"He has been affected, and what he does will never quite be the same,"

Then frankly:

Fuck that.

Mandy and every single person who supported her--every single one--has to apologize or face serious consequences for what they did.

I am not going to meekly accept a worse life because of things that any reasonable person knows didn't happen and I am not accepting a world where the online hatemongers who did this got off scott-free.

Maybe there will be content, maybe there won't, but there will be justice.

And if thee isn't any justice, I certainly won't be signing up to give the people who sat on their hands more stuff.

Becami Cusack said...

I hope justice moves swifter, and in the meantime, do what is right for you.
I hope I was not insensitive, your position on this by virtue of involvement means that you have much more at stake.
And let it be clear, I want to support you with or without books.
You make things better with your involvement, and you have been morally and emotionally more mature than most everyone else.
I hope OSR can readjust, because right now, I don't want to be labeled with what they have done.
I know you cannot nessecarily confirm or deny, but nevertheless, I hope legal proceedings move towards you getting recompense and affirmation of innocence. I wish more cases like ettin's could happen. It feels like the more time that passes the worse the chances are, but I hope that isn't the case. This isn't something that could be waited out on the other end, you are too determined and prepared. I wonder if any actual defense or evidence has been procured on the other side that you haven't seen it it is all just a front with nothing new.
Also more to the point bolayi is talking about, maybe some people think your sole purpose is to make things for them.
Which it isn't, you make art for many reasons, and right now the main one isn't for a community run by people who pushed you down stairs and deny it.

amogus said...

benjamin are you a troll, you've had this conversation like 8 times on this blog and it always goes down the same way

ben: can't you just release content anyway
zak: that doesnt stop "Zak s the rapist is accused of being a rapist and its fact now" being what pops up when you google my name
ben: oh i see i hope this changes in the future

he's been releasing content and it hasn't changed shit

Becami Cusack said...

Not a troll.
It seems like the people that all abandoned ship were not the kind of people Zak needs, and perhaps what is left and those who would still be interested in a bigger project would make the effort worthwhile.
I became interested post apocalypse, and started out hating him because I believed Patrick Staurt.
I think print work might never happen if Zak Doesn't push for it, because it seems like the community is too anemic to push for or with him.
So in the limbo of legal proceedings and paintings and Zak doing what Zak does, maybe some bigger thing, not a full book, but a module, a DM screen, a small unearthed arcana style book of new spells or items, or a small book of creatures could all be easier to manage as a printed product and could help preserve momentum.
Yes, searching Zak Sabbath brings up reddit and polygon and all kinds of villainous tripe, but with time might also bring up new projects and people talking about them, and hopefully later, lots of news about his cases being in his favor.
Until then I will support HIM first and his content to a lesser extent in any way I can, and I hope he and anyone else isn't annoyed or offended by what I bring up.
I just want to talk and try to bring up some point or connect a little bit to make this situation better.
I have sympathy, but no-one can feel what Zak does, and that makes everyone else alien to him in some regards. Everyone who has not experienced what he has is naturally going to be insensitive and uninformed. He has the toughest position and too many people that clamor for new books when he has made his position clear many times.
I don't want to be that person, but after thinking about it it seems like the books may be an important factor in getting the people to move.
I see you here a lot amogus, and would love to talk further, and thank you for bringing this up.

3 said...

"A bunch of random anonymous gamers created this problem..."

Definitely not "random". Let's use the word properly, please.

Zak Sabbath said...


What would you say instead?

amgous said...


you have pretty specifically named all of these people. quite a few of them are fucking losers with nothing to their name, but some of them are losers with a shitload of clout

Zak Sabbath said...


If you're saying that this isn't the fault of random anonymous gamers because some of the people involved are well known, that's not exactly how I'd put it:

If these folks--well-known and otherwise--hadn't been shared and retweeted and plussed by lots of random anonymous gamers, none of this would've happened.

Well-known people in the game scene say shit about each other all the time. It was dupes and bad actors deciding to actually take action on it that made it happen. Both are to blame, really.

amoogous said...

well hold on what do you mean by take action? because "ballsweaty69"'s bitching and whining about you isn't as big of a deal as atkinson banning you from the biggest gaming convention in north america

Zak Sabbath said...


Not at all.

If all the ballsweaty69s hadn't upvoted the comments lying about me or retweeted the misinformation or @ed GenCon or spread the information to people who otherwise wouldn't know, this wouldn't have happened.

GenCon only took action because they knew it would be popular and accepted.

Influencers are important--but so are the influenced.

amourgous said...

wqhatcha been up to zak

Zak Sabbath said...


Collecting evidence.

amogus said...

hopefully you havent given up the fight re: gen con

Zak Sabbath said...


I already said:

I filed an appeal, it will take maybe a year or more before it's evaluated. Until then, on that case, I don't need to do much.

Terje said...

Looks freaking awesome!