Monday, March 8, 2021

Still not seeing a pattern?

Reposted because the original was posted on a weekend and it's important:

So, AuraTwilight, aka Paimon Prowler has been accused of being an abuser and no longer runs the OSR Discord.

So, as I suggested we might a few days ago, we now have a D12 table:

1. Luke Crane (Burning Wheel, Head of Community at Kickstarter

2. Brandon Dixon (Swordsfall)

3. Adam Koebel (Dungeon World/ Streamer)

4. PH Lee (Bliss Stage, Hot Guys Making Out, storygamer)

5. Ben Chong (various "games about relationships, storygamer)

6. Sean Patrick Fannon (Savage Rifts)

7. BlackHatMatt (RPGnet moderator)

8. Tyler Carpenter (Battletech, storygamer)

9. The folks at Green Ronin (who either committed sexual misconduct or handled it poorly)

10. Shoe Skogen (my ex's friend, outed as an alleged abuser after being made an OSR discord mod as a reward for harassing me)

11. Elizabeth Sampat (storygamer, ex-girlfriend and enabler of Gamergate-related sucide Alec Holowk

12. Jared Cassady aka AuraTwilight aka Paimon Prowler (runs the OSR Discord)

And guess what Jared has in common with all these other disgraces to gaming?

I'm going to ask the same question I've asked for years: how many more of these people have to go down before what's going on here becomes clear?

If somebody doesn't like the Guy Who Asks Questions how hard is it to figure out they're hiding something?


FloatyBoats said...

I missed it - what'd Luke Crane do? Casual glance at the internet just shows that he was stupid enough to hire one of the other people on this list after their own abusive behavior had long been evident. Did he pull something worse?

Zak Sabbath said...


That's the thing he did that got everyone mad at him.

His other abusive stuff includes:

-He does all this while occupying an important post at Kickstarter

-He apparently can change his display name at will but that ability is denied to regular users including transfolk.

-He said all GMs eventually become abusers

-He said he watched women were poorly treated in every D&D game he ever played -and- that he played a regular game of D&D. So I guess he sat and watched?

-He accused J Eric Holmes (after he was dead) of sexual harassment. Note that the woman involved didn't say anything or complain, Luke just assumed it happened. He declined to give details or answer questions.

-He supported not just Adam Koebel but a lot of other storygamers and like folk who participated in harassment.