Monday, April 8, 2019

This is the mini she ordered

Of course the goth wants to play a vampire in D&D--now she's miniature shopping.
(this one)

(Quick vampire class: A first level vampire can do two "Vampire things" per day. Plus can only die in vampire ways but being reduced to zero hp by normal means puts you down for ten minutes--more than enough time to stake you if the enemy's dedicated. More Vampire Things per day at higher levels. Usual vulnerabilities, etc.).


Anonymous said...

Is this post the content that is "only suitable for adults"? Not sure why a bloke needs to consent to this sort of thing. But it is a #metoo world now, I reckon.

Dungeoneer Dave said...

Looks Like Roger the Rabbit's wife has been turned. :)

charlesbronson said...

Unknown said...

wizards made rules for pc vampires in the Planescape Ixalan and Planescape Zendikar. The Ixalan ones get advantage on str and dex skills (not attacks) after feeding. Zendikar can make "nulls" if they kill someone by feeding, which are wimpy undead. Both books are free on the DMsGuild.

I had helped a player build a vampire using the Ixalan race and a warlock with the undying patron. The spells and at will invocations worked great to simulate vampire powers.