Tuesday, February 21, 2017

We Eat Blood And All Our Friends Are Dead. Now available.

So my friend Sarah Horrocks (writing and art) and I (also writing and art) did a video game for White Wolf--the Vampire: The Masquerade people. It's called We Eat Blood And All Our Friends Are Dead, part of the World of Darkness: Preludes pack.

Basically it's a choose-your-own-adventure in text-messages.

You can get it on Steam here or mobile or mobile again.

If enough people like it we might do more. :)


  1. Hi Zak! I don't have this game yet (lol that's how broke I am atm.) Awhile back you had posted that you had checked into a hotel to do some writing, and the project was a collaboration with a woman writer/artist. Is this that project? I'm looking forward to picking this up, eventually;-)

  2. I'm so stuck around the point of that Marco segment. Is there an ending where one gets out?

    1. yeah MArco likes to be entertained so you have to give entertaining entertaining answers.

      Which is subjective, yes.

    2. I thought I had. Time to get back to it, I guess. Either way, I'm holed up in a wall.

  3. Whoa! So pumped. I love Sarah's writing ever since I heard about her here. Instabought.

  4. I'm not really into Vampire all that much, but I still bought a copy for my wife.