Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Players Are Funny And Horrible

Last session was pretty funny an iphone video is worth 1000 half-remembered lines of transcribed dialogue, so here we go.


We’re playing Maze of the Blue Medusa and the players have found an exit leading out of the Maze to an island. To quote the book:

The islanders believe this dungeon is their spirit world. A strange impossible land of powerful and capricious beings who must be placated with regular offerings of useful things.  Kept in eternal equipoise by the scheming of cunning priestesses.   

They think anyone who comes out of the dungeon (including adventurers) is divine and live in constant fear of being favored by one of these capricious goddesses and dragged into “the underworld” so they wear masks painted with the features of ugly women and claim to have nothing of value. (I love that bit, it was Patrick's idea.)

So the party comes out and demand a place to sleep. The villagers hastily begin to assemble a sleeping area near the entrance to the dungeon. “No,” says the witch “We want to sleep in the village, not near where all the monsters come out”.

“Oh, great ones you don’t want to sleep in our village—it is very ugly. Perhaps…the ampitheatre near the extinct volcano?”


Once that’s settled:

-Grog the human fighter immediately goes to sleep
-The girls have to decide what to do with their elven prisoner
-The Chameleon Woman paladin still pines after the half-dragon Lady Crucem Capelli who they met in Room 2
Lady Crucem Capelli, in blue, above--stealer of hearts
This resolves in a scene that should probably have a content warning because the girls introduce some…themes concerning how best to utilize their prisoner of which the DM most definitely does not approve.


Matrox Lusch said...

D&D laughter is such an awesome, sinister pleasure.

scrap princess said...

thatsa quality play A+++

W said...

Who are these people, anyhow? I don't recognize even a one from previous videos hereabouts (maybe it's that prosopagnosia I ordered finally kicking in?)...

Zak Sabbath said...

It's a big group and different people show up on different days. In this video, lEft to right its:
Sarah Pocock (animator), Karolyn Gehrig (hospitalglam), Ela Darling, Annwn_mfc, and Morgan with James Urbaniak, the actor, offscreen.

Mandy was sick, Charlotte's on vacation etc.

Unknown said...

I have unfinished business with those ugly little bastards.