Thursday, January 28, 2016


Abraham Erskine never completed the super soldier formula. 
A patriot named Steve Rogers never became Captain America. 
Allied resistance was annihilated in weeks.
What was once called The United States has been occupied for 70 years.

 The resistance begins Tuesday, February 2nd on Google + at 8pm Pacific and/or 10pm Pacific depending who's in.

If you would like to play, submit a Marvel Superheroes RPG character concept (no stats yet) below or on
Google +. Players for the first game will be chosen by lottery from the
characters I like best.
Pictures are a plus, but only if they're really good.
Characters related to the world concept preferred.

Superhero games tend to turn super-silly so I want you to start with a
low-or-mid-powered character you want to be a special little snowflake.

I'm thinking like:
Earth X
Legion of Super Heroes Vol 4
Aja/Fraction Hawkeye
Dark Knight Returns
Early 80s Spider-Man (with like Cloak & Dagger & Punisher)
Fantastic Four 1234
Days of Future Past
Remender/Pena X-Force
Suicide Squad


Unknown said...


It finally became too much. Too many monsters claiming their right to rule - the destiny that let them conquer the world - had come via the blessings of Odin and the Æsir.

Odin flatly refused to become involved; Midgard was no longer their concern - nothing to dirty their hands with.

But the bastards were killing, enslaving, _ruling_ in his name. _Their_ name.

It was too much; enough to drive her to steal Gungnir from the royal armory and slip away across the Bifrost.

If the Allfather wanted his pointy stick back, he'd have to come down to Earth and take it from his once-favorite captain, in person.

* Superhuman strength and endurance
* Does not age
* Trained as an Aesir combatant and war captain
* Wields Gungnir, the Spear of Odin
* Gungnir leads her to injustice, and is always present if needed. It can disappear
and reappear as she needs, or if it wants to appear. Can't be destroyed or lost, but sometimes will disappear and reappear in the hands of another virtuous soul if it helps fight oppression and evil.
* Flight, while carrying the spear

MTZE said...

Hannah von Berlin

Once a member of the Villain SS, some kind of superpowered task-force, and one of the descendants of Dr. Mengele. She Realized being a Nazi is bad not out of altruism, but because some officials would not fund her "Research" program. Furthermore they took everything she worked for away from her. She does not know why (probably because it just wasn't profitable. Now she went underground and plots to takes revenge against those that "destroyed" (from her perspective) her life.

- speaking German ( I am German, so my accent should be on point)
- controlling and striking with electricity. She augmented her brain with a chemical which made it so, that she can sense electricity and "make it to her bidding"
- She is a mad scientist
- ideologically speaking, still kind of a nazi
Might do a quick sketch later.

Zak Sabbath said...

If you have a G+, hit me up on there, if not, send it to zakzsmith AT HAWTmayle.

I know how to get in touch with Arthur and Doyce, but not you

Anonymous said...

Have you played Wolfenstein: New Order?

Simon Magnus said...

How about playing a version of DC's Resurrection Man? I always wanted the challenge of playing a character that sometimes has minimal/no power to crazy weird abilities.

MTZE said...

Sure will do!

MTZE said...
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Zak Sabbath said...

i have not

Maxim Golubchik said...

When his father discovered Yakov Stalin's Jewish fiancé, Yakov shot himself in the head. He didn't die. When he could no longer take life in the German concentration camp, he threw himself upon the electric fence. He didn't die.

For the Georgian blood flows strong in Yakov. Like his father before him, Yakov is a powerful sorcerer. He forgets a little more every time he dies, but he has not forgotten the Germans. Over the long decades he has pursued a relentless campaign of terror against them, revenge for a dimly remembered Russia. He will not rest until socialism rises again, until the world is made right, for he is the Spectre of Communism.

Kent Miller said...

I've got some Marvelesque concepts kicking around, and some sketches to go with them. Like Oceaneer the Halflantean (Namor-ripoff) or Wundermensch.

For your games, does video/sound/text preference matter? I can probably do sound, but I don't know if my poor internets can take the video chat.