Tuesday, November 4, 2014

We Need Your Help On Vornheim 2nd Edition

While the pdf of Vornheim: the Complete City Kit is still available *, the hardcovers sold out very quickly and people have been asking after them for years.

So: finally we are shooting to have a new physical version out this winter. We want to make a few very minor tweaks--one of which is fixing typos.

The only one I already know about is that the "Where's Eshrigel?" table appears on page 11 for no reason.

If you know of any typos in Vornheim, please send 'em in. You can post them in the comments here, or e-mail me.
*Also: if you don't have one, get one, it's award winning and stuff. Here's a detailed review.


Unknown said...

Yes! Yes!! YEEESSSS! It's unlikely, but any chance there'll be copies with the Lamentations guys at Dragonmeet in the UK? (Dec 6th)

I'm one of those people who've been after a hard copy for years!

Anonymous said...

page (negative 1) - the label under the key is a complete sentence and might need a period as punctuation
page (negative 1) - bottom paragraph has four leading ellipses when three would be more correct
page (negative 1 and throughout the book) - there should be a space between last ellipsis dot and the first letter of the next word ("...can" and "....could")

page 1 - some table of contents lines overflow onto the next line, and with minor rephrasing could fit (3 instances)
page 1 - under "original vornheim players" caroline pierce is listed twice. side note: is there a reason they're not in alphabetical order by last name?
page 1 - under "other playetesters" eric gall is listed twice. same side note as above.

page 3 - while the ToC lists the section as "Around Vornheim" there is no page border text on the corresponding page.

I've examined through page 9 but didn't start Superstitions yet - if whoever comes next cares to trust that I didn't miss anything :P

Zak Sabbath said...


I didn't put them in alphabetical order by last name because there's no reason to.

Oakes Spalding said...

Will it be the same size and look, etc? I liked it.

Zak Sabbath said...


piles said...

That is some wonderful news. Finally, I will have my own copy on the shelf, or, more accurately, on the table.

Nice start of the day!

Casmarius said...

Will there be any aesthetic changes to the exterior, to help differentiate the first edition from the second ?

Zak Sabbath said...

If there are, they will be minor.