Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pretty Pretty Lumps of Tin/Lead Alloy

I don't collect miniatures but I do kinda accumulate them. Especially since Reaper drove a dumptruck full of them up to our house so we could use them in the TV show.

Anyway, I find a good mini really helpful for thinking up adventure seeds. Even ones I don't own.

Some of Rackham Miniature's human and elf stuff is too swirly tribal-tattooey for me, but a lot of it-especially the goblin stuff--is just kinda perfect. All these guys are somewhere in Cobalt Reach or Gaxen Kane...

That guy's pretty neat, swirljob aside. And this Madball/towergolem thing is wonderful...
Meanwhile, in fake Hungary, I got a vampire war I gotta throw together...

"Valued customers, Gamezone apologizes for being too busy blowing your mind with awesome Albrecht-Durer-esque equestrian miniatures to think up a decent name for our company"

Fuck yeah warboar.

Monsieur Ultraforge Plague Demon is giving me some wonderful ideas about radiation poisoning.
This thing is insanely expensive but hey lets look at it anyway:

The ones below are from the Old School fetishists at Otherworld. Their humanoids tend to be too stiff for my taste but some of their beasts have a stubby, Kirbylike vitality to them--I love how the one frog's tongue is all sticking out.

The same goes for inscrutable French radbongfun merchants at Fenryll: they make goofy people, but awesome monsters.


This guy below's for something called Kobolds Ate My Baby. The size and diversity of D&D-related fandom is evidenced by the fact that I have no fucking clue what that fucking is. I do want to kill some PCs with whatever it is, however.Enigma has some pretty impressively sculpted minis--mostly in a kind of tattery gothic style.

These freaks are from Ammon...

Aaaaand some relatively new releases from Reaper...
(You can tell they're sneaking because their ears are down.)

One of the nicest Jabberwocks I've ever seen. Kinda Fin Fang Foomish...
Evil Dr Fate ...

"What do you mean my weapon is useless for both piercing and slashing?"

This rockfist guy looks like he has spiky kung fu...
Interesting how cleanly Wayne Reynolds' style translates to three dimensions...
"Are we sure we want to do bad things?"
(in unison) "Yyyyeeessssss!"
This guy reminded me of Dwarfland...


  1. I agree on the inspiration. Over the last few years I have kept a collection of miniatures pics (hell of a lot cheaper than buying them.) to browse through when I need an idea for an npc for a game, idea for a character to play or just inspiration for a sculpting project.

  2. I totally agree that a good mini can actually inspire creativity. The Chaos Legions and mutants featured in White Dwarf back in the mid-80's really influenced my own D&D campaign.

  3. not only is there a guy riding a pig, but he's a goblin, and not only a goblin but brian froud style knight, and not only that he's got a carrot hanging from his lance. Oh and the pig is wearing googles on its forehead in way that is entirely rad and not like 20 years of goths/steampunks have been doing.
    Also? About a 100 other things that are amazing in various miniatures and shit why can I not poop money?

  4. Depending on what your doing with the miniatures, be careful of scale. For example, the Engima figures, while fantastic, are probably 32-35mm. They are giants but still workable. The 'evil' Dr. Fate is actually a gaint, not a human(oid). The Ultraforge Plague Demon has a great base but mine had a huge gap between the arm holding the blade and the body no matter who I tried to arrange it. Be comfortable with green stuff before getting something like him, or for the matter, any large figure that is in multiple pieces.

    1. this has been a public service announcement from Joe

  5. I wholeheartedly recommend every greenskin sclupted by Kev "Goblinmaster" Adams. Some examples:


  6. The only minis I have are a bunch of the plastic ones from old WotC D&D sets. Now I feel like I've been missing out.

    All those little metal people...I want them and I want them in mah backpack.

  7. Yay! A Kobolds Ate My Baby reference on a site lots of people view! Huzzah!

  8. Kobolds Ate My Baby is a beer-and-pretzels, sorta RPG sorta boardgame, about playing incompetent kobolds trying to kidnap babies for their chieftains big feast. As you might expect, the kobolds get killed in many humorous and awful ways throughout. It's hilarious and fun, although imo it reads better than it plays.

  9. I like buying old "Dreamblade" boxes & cracking into them; prepainted minis that are just bizarre.

  10. Since you like the Rackham miniatures (or, some of them at least), I'm guessing you might be interested in looking at Paul Bonner's paintings; I know he painted for Rackham and, at least to my untrained eye, it looks like those minis were inspired by his paintings, or at least his painting style.

  11. Was Kobolds Ate my Baby by Cruchy Frog?
    Vaguely remember seeing the product in the late 80's. Was that the one where you could say "You Ate My father"?

  12. You are right about Wayne Reynold's style translating to minis. The flat planes work very well, much like commie sculpture.