Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cobalt Reach Player's Map So Far + Image Dump

This is the Cobalt Reach players' map so far. They are traveling east to west.
This is me scrubbing my hard drive.


Angry Wombat said...

Hey Zak, you wouldn-'t happen to know the artist who did that last once (Pretty lights). I always loved those spaceship designs (70s+80s I think)

Zak Sabbath said...

dan mcpharlin

Roger G-S said...

Love the space-homage-to-1ePHB-cover (intentional or not) ... pretty sure Pigeons from Hell did not contain any barbarians, green demons or bronze lingerie damsels ... remember vividly the weird, doll-eyed trio from that Basic D&D ad.

Gus L said...

Evocative imagery - though you generally post the most interesting pictures.

If one hasn't yet - do a search for 'Theyyam dancers' and literally hundreds of versions of the red dressed Balinese fellow(?) above will come up.

The wikipedia entry on Theyyam is also a good read - dance based Hindu folk 'cult' that's thousands of years old.

richard said...

Re Thayyam: "Why are his eyes covered? Because if they were not, when he opened them he would unmake the world."

See also the chapter on Khun Daeng, "Outside, eyeless, and on fire" in Ros Morris' otherwise not entirely awesome In the Place of Origins: Modernity and Its Mediums in Northern Thailand. That chapter alone is worth getting the book for. Ummmm... here.

Anonymous said...