Monday, June 19, 2017

The Complex Luck of Charlotte Stokely

2:15 PM

"...I'm just saying: you've died three times in this dungeon already Stokely and every time you did you were either hungover or drunk."

2:39 PM

"You walk down to where the dog and the ape are licking the stairs and you slip--roll a Dex save--falling down the lard-smeared stairs and landing on some caltrops taking....4 points of damage. The dark elves snicker from the darkness"

"They demand you hand over the children of Torgos Zooth to them"

3:02 PM

(Karolyn) "I'm gonna intimidate the remaining ones!"

"Roll and--What do you say?"

"I ask--why are their ears so round!...NATURAL 20!"

"Ok, they saw you walk down the stairs, then you walked back up the stairs, they set up an ambush, slathered lard and caltrops all over the steps, called up 5 friends, they outnumbered you more than 2-to-1 and you kicked their asses and called them 'round-ears' --the remaining ones run"

3:10 PM

"Down on his knees he's like 'Please! We simply wanted to ransom them back to Torgos Zooth!"

"Take us to him!"

5:08 PM

"Ok, Stokes that puts you at -1 hit point, roll d100.........Instant and demoralizing death, all allies present must Save or be stunned with shock for one round. The Chameleon Woman's machete crosses your throat, your head flies up spinning this way, your headless body spins the other way..."

5:17 PM

"Ok this is Jessica she's my new character."

"What are y'all doing?"

"Well we still have to find Torgos Zooth and return his kids to him, where is he?"

"They said in the Almery"

"Let's go to the Almery"

"This is the Almery, this whole section of the dungeon is called the Almery"

"Jessica gonna yell 'Hey Torgos Zooth, we have your kids!'"


"..oooth ooth ooth' the walls echo and the DM rolls a wandering monster check"


"Ok...d100....Oh my god..."




"14--look Zooth wanders in."
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J. Llloyd Goldshear said...

DMing question: how do you integrate new characters into the group when one of them dies in a dungeon like that? Out in the open wilderness, wandering the city, etc. I've always found it to be fairly easy. But I definitely struggle to not make it super awkward when it happens deep in a dungeon or labyrinth.

Zak Sabbath said...

If nothing in the setting suggests itself (a henchman is promoted, a bad guy switches sides, etc) the table at the back of Red & Pleasant Land handles it

J. Llloyd Goldshear said...

Oh, awesome, thanks. Still need to get myself a copy unfortunately.

Sweet Lily said...

Good stuff

Justin said...

This is pure awesome.

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance that the hardcover of Maze will be reprinted? I missed out on the first printing.

Zak Sabbath said...

You'd have to ask Ken Baumann at

But remember: never don't buy the first printing of a Zak book.

Anonymous said...

I bought all your work to date. I missed this one. Damn.