Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Simple Cubey Trick Room

The PCs will ordinarily enter from through the "Near Wall". The entire wall slides away on rusty rails at a touch.

What they see when the wall pulls away is a room with walls made of different colored material and a pit with spikes in it where the floor should be . (Pit has slippery walls and it's an intimidating drop. The spikes are too close set to allow climbing down there and passing through normally.)

The black wall has a square opening big enough for a human to fit through in the center. Touching the black wall causes the room to rotate counterclockwise 90 degrees--the black and white walls maintain their position relative to each other but the spiky pit becomes the right-hand wall, the white wall becomes the floor, etc. Touching it again will rotate it 90 degrees again, making the grey wall the floor, etc. etc..

Touching the white wall/floor causes it to move quickly toward the metal wall and mash anything on in the room against it.

Touching the grey wall/floor causes it to move quickly toward the spikes and shove anything in the room onto them.

The metal wall/floor is inert.

This is the simplest cubey trick room. (Connie and KK successfully navigated it last night, but only after using a loyal wardog as a guinea pig.) They get more complicated later.


Simon Proctor said...

See it's at times like this you need the Bag of Halfling. It's a large hessian sack, it can be used as a normal sack, except any food put in it disappears within 5 minutes. If it's empty though and you reach in you can pull out a level 0 Halfling Farmer. Very useful for checking out traps in rooms.

Whenver you pull out a Halfling the GM rolls a percentile dice, on 100 you get a Level 20 Halfling Assassin. He may or may not be pissed of depending on what you did with any other Halflings.

Halflings who came out of the sack can be returned by putting the sack over the head. Other beings are uneffect by this, unless they are edible (by Halflings) and cooked.

Anathematician said...

Looking forward to some of the more complex hypercubes you have designed.


Hartful said...

It's post like this that make me check this blog each day