Thursday, June 16, 2011


Click to enlarge all these.
This one's from something (probably a game) called "Alternate Reality")
Radiation map. (Note elephant.)
This is a hand-drawn map for the old infocom game Zork. Astute readers will notice it combines elements of Zork I and II, since it's from a paleohacker version predating the infocom floppy-disk version.
This is the work of some clever individual on DeviantArt named "djekspek" who any game designers out there might want to consider hiring.
This one is pink.
This one is for some game--very probably Japanese judging from the "sounds-Euro-to-me" names. One interesting feature is--at least on the face of it--it makes no sense in real space. You can get to some of the same places by going west south south south as by going east north north north. Though meandering paths could account for all of it. Maybe.

It does effectively limit a universe of encounters down to a plan-in-advanceable number without having a completely open oh-hell-what-do-I-prep-today plan.
This is a lazy one I threw together for wavecrawling. Simple but effective. And with all the random encounters right on it. You could do this with any one of these maps at your desk while pretending to do real work...


  1. Mappy is the fresca of videogames: just a tad below generic. Yet I do have a warm spot for it.

  2. Woo, old school computer games! Mappy, Zork and Alternate Reality! :D

    The flowchart-looking one is Tales of Vesperia, and the "dungeon" is the Labyrinth of Memories. (...the name is in the lower left corner.)

  3. Another game map which might be useful when you're in a hurry:

  4. If I'd been in less of a hurry, I could have hyperlinked that properly.

  5. Mmmm, that "Hallways of the Forgotten King" map is a thing of beauty. I want to run something there, and I hate dungeoncrawls.

  6. @sirlarkins

    I want to fill it with water and slide down it.

  7. I want my next birthday cake to be shaped like that map.

  8. most things are better filled with water and slid down...