Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lazy Links About Comic Books Sunday

You know about this, right? The complete text of Alan Moore's unpublished pitch to pull a Dark Knight Returns on the entire DC Universe--in the form of a letter to the higher-ups at DC.

This guy goes through all the DC Who's Who and all the Official Handbook To The Marvel Universe and also is an angry genius.

These guys manage to keep me enthralled for an hour every other week talking about comics I will never read.

And if you're ever like "Wait, who?" you can usually look somebody up here. I can read the "comments" sections under each entry for hours. It contains such gems as:

"The Sacred Ball has no known connections to

  • Bouncing Ball of Doom - weapon built by Mad Thinker @ Strange Tales I#131
  • Shalla Bal - Zenn-Lavian, former lover of Norrin Radd @ Silver Surfer I#1
  • Speedball - AKA Robert Baldwin, superhero @ Speedball#1
  • or any other "Sacred" or "Bal-" characters/items"
Stuff about Green Lanterns. All of them.

This is Patton Oswalt and an Alan Rickman soundalike giving us a glimpse into what General Zod's meeting with his court-appointed defender was like. It contains both the phrases "Weaponers of Qward" and "Never fuck Asians".


Anonymous said...

The Walking Eye ('s ComicCast is my favorite podcast about Comics. In between the comics they also post a lot of gaming examples of games I'll likely never play. Perhaps a little more indie than what your readers are normally into but I've seen some branching out lately.

Anonymous said...

MarvUnApp is like crack. I've wasted so much time there.

But the OHOTMU Review thing is new to me, thanks. God, those things were sick. 64 pages printed on, like, tissue paper with visible wood grains, with flaky black ink in what seems like 6-point Arial. What sick freak even thinks this thing would be marketable in the first place? (And what sick freaks prove him correct? Me, at least.)

Here's Jess Nevins's current Golden Age Timely (a/k/a Atlas, a/k/a Marvel) site:


Daniel Dean said...

All old favorites apart from the podcast which is going on the list.

thekelvingreen said...

House to Astonish is my favourite comics podcast. Admittedly, it's my favourite from a field of exactly one, but that doesn't detract from its quality.

Bits and pieces of that Alan Moore pitch trickled -- via other writers -- into the DC Universe over the years, but it's crazy to think they turned down a Moore-led crossover event when they'll let any old hack do one nowadays.

Rabid said...

I didn't hear any Alan Rickman. I did, however, hear touches of James Mason being played by Noel Coward though... At least for the first minute or so, then it just degenerated into hilarious fucking insanity. Lol.

Unknown said...

"Have fun getting butt fucked in the phantom zone."