Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This Kept The Girls Busy For An Hour Last Night, Give Or Take

Creepy wizard

2 attacks per round

2 spells (unlimited uses):

-Save or target sticks to everything they touch (even through shoes or gloves). Unknown to anybody, atickiness is permanent but it can be dissolved by some common substance, dependign on kind of wizard. (Mine was undead, so I figured it'd be dissolved by holy water.) 50 foot range.
-Automatically switch places with target. Line of sight range.

Hit Dice: Average party member X 2


  1. Beautiful. And just plain mean.

    How about "switch bodies with target"?

  2. -Automatically switch places with target and any nearby primates. Line of sight range.

  3. This is basically what my NPCs look like now. A row of health boxes, a defense stat, a to-hit stat, & one or two unique mechanics.

  4. I am so stealing that for next weeks game! I am finding that at higher levels (3.0) it is usually easier to just make stuff up :) than to use straight up monster manual baddies.

  5. Dumb question - did their feet stick to the ground, or was this a hands-only effect?

  6. There is a lot to be said for simple mechanics. Simple but clever mechanics of course. If they aren't clever one tends to get bored.

  7. Please live stream the game sometime! I used to love watching I hit it with mah axe. Glad to hear you are still tearin up some D&D.

    I suggest for streaming. I think you guys would dominate the community there. O n you guys could set up a paypal donation thing so you guys could get tips for just letting people watch the game. :D