Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Thanks to Maxine Hong Kingston

New painting, new monster, with Demon City stats...


A choking ghost coalesces around the dead soul of a victim whose belly has been sliced open. They kill by strangling victims with their spectral entrails.

Choking ghosts can include: ghosts that kill each member of the conspiracy to murder them, ghosts who kill obstetricians who are negligent when performing caesarian sections, ghosts that haunt the lonely places where they died and disguise strangled trespassers as suicides by hanging.

There are righteously angry choking ghosts that can be satisfied by taking their vengeance for them or by bringing their enemies to justice, but there are wicked ones who cannot. Choking ghosts cannot be exorcised by ritual.
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Typical Choking Ghost

Calm: 0
Agility: 4
Toughness: 6
Perception: 6
Appeal: 0
Cash: 0
Knowledge: 2

Calm Check: 8
Cards: Justice (11), Hanged Man (12), Judgement (20)

Special Abilities:

Ectoplasmic Form: Choking ghosts can touch their victims but neither their victims nor most physical forces can touch them-they cannot move through walls and floors, however. They can be touched by blood from the bellies of their victims and by anything coated in it.

Intestine Strangulation: By throwing its guts over the victims head the ghost simultaneously grapples the target and inflicts Standard Damage. A victim that does not escape automatically takes damage again each round.

Manifestation: The choking ghost appears wherever its next victim is at 2am, usually appearing behind the victim or behind a door. After manifesting, it must move normally and will disappear before sunrise.


A white or bone-colored cat can keep a choking ghost at bay.

They can be touched (and harmed) by anything covered in blood from the bellies of their victims.
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