Monday, January 22, 2018

Collage Maps, Adventure-writing Process, A City of Cheese

Matt Finch (Frog God Games, Swords & Wizardry, Tome of Adventure Design, Spire of Iron and Crystal, cats and dogs living together) and I had a loooooooooong conversation about pretty much every RPG topic in the universe and the first two parts of it are up here and here.

We had a lot of fun and covered pretty much everything, so enjoy.



Black Vulmea said...

"My gawd . . . it's full of stars."

I'm only through the first video, but So. Much. Good. Stuff. in that hour.

One take-away among many: a few years back, I drew a direct line in my head from Tramp and Otus D&D art to the underground comix I'd sneak out of my cousin's room when I was a kid - the line-work, the composition, looks heavily influenced by R Crumb, Vaughn Bodē, &c to my eye.

Black Vulmea said...

One more thought: in my experience, ambiguity in setting design fosters emergent story arising through game-play better than encased-in-amber 'facts' about a game-world. When I prepare non-player characters or locations any more, I'm far more interested in what is believed than in what is known or especially what is 'true.'

Jay Murphy said...

Thanks for putting in the time to cover all this.

WrongOnTheInternet said...

Is there a link to download either of these?

D. G. Chapman said...

Wizards and Clerics being tied into the story in a way Fighters etc aren't is an excellent point! Also perhaps explains why none of my players has ever rolled a cleric