Wednesday, August 5, 2015

We Are, wait,135...133...

A person named themself "rollforproblematic" and
if you buy one, you will hurt their feelings
Normally I wouldn't hit you fine people with a ton of producty posts all in a row and I am currently working on a long look at Ghost Tower of Inverness but this is kind of a thing:

James only updates the "copies left" of products sporadically and so we didn't realize until this morning: of the 3000 Red & Pleasant Lands printed, there are only 130some left by mail order.

There might be some in stores, but you know how that goes. Again: with Vornheim now only available on ebay for over 100 dollars, if you or anybody you know wants a first edition hardcover, or will want one this Christmas it's time to roll up.


  1. I'm perhaps a little unfamiliar with how small publishing works - for example I recently learned of your work and tried to buy Vornheim but, as noted, it's incredibly expensive. Just curious, but why can't you just print more editions via a third party publisher (not trying to critique or criticize your business model at all, just academically interested). Congratulations on all the awards, by the way, your stuff is fantastic.

    1. The original publisher (LotFp/ James Raggi) will be coming out with a new edition of Vornheim soon.

    2. Hot diffity, will there be new additions to new edition?

    3. Nah, just fixing some typos.

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  3. I just found this and don't know if you have seen it before. Pretty cool I think.