Wednesday, April 13, 2011

They Not Only Look Good...

...they work!...

"Okay, you keep 50 hit points at first level, but the porno stars come with us"


  1. Well, if any post is going to be "Print Friendly"...

  2. I'll take two.

    shirts that is. ;) I am married.

  3. Oh, I didn't even notice the 'Old School Rocks' tank tops till I read Tim's comment. Got a bit distrac.....

  4. Oh wow.

    I am . . . wow. When the Boy gets over the girl cooties thing, he is gonna be jealous.

    This is so cool! Thanks Mandy and Viv and Zak. (Viv, right? I hope that's right.)

    That is some awesome press there.

    So when everyone is done staring, go over to TheOSRG blog and say hi to Joseph. He's selling more Old School Rocks! shirts to raise money for the OSRG Gen Con booth.

    Wow. Just . . . wow.

    - Ark

    PS - Mandy, I humbly apologize for following that deviantArt clone. I didn't know! Honest!

  5. This could become a running feature. Will there be a follow-up with the Flailceratops shirt?

  6. Yay! Viv and Mandy with weapons is my New Favorite Thing. Them kissing is oddly secondary. I may be desensitized to their sexiness! Oh no! No, wait, my nerdiness just wins over my libido.

  7. Whatever. Art, tits, T-shirts, girl-on-girl action, profligate DIY, et al. are no substitute for good writing! I haven't read well-written tits for ages.

  8. 50 hp? That's cheating.
    If you ever come across the Atlantic Ocean to play in any group I have any say in and (that's important) bring the ladies, you can have as many hp as you want, promise. Same goes for Mandy and Vivka. Even if we play Nobilis.