Thursday, June 10, 2010

Well That's Sweet

Hey girls, got this in the mail:

I really enjoy "I Hit it with My Axe." From one nerdy girl to all of them, thank you so much for making me feel normal! It's wonderful to see other girls playing and enjoying the same game I do in the same manner I do (full of random misadventures and shenanigans). I could care less about what everyone does for a living, although it does make the whole situation funnier; I'm just glad to have a bit a of badass chick power on the internet now.

I love it when people get the point.


  1. IHIWMA is a breath of fresh air, kind of blows the lid off (no pun intended) the idea of ageing bachelors and teenage boys being the only people that play it. Plus it's entertaining and funny

  2. *grins* Looks like another critical hit for the Women of the Axe (and Zak). Cool news, thanks for sharing,

  3. Which means you're doing just the right thing with the show.

  4. Possibly the best show yet -- and, yes, everyone looked pretty tired by the end. Thanks for doing this, Zak.