Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just Some Pictures

Dennis McGrath is my favorite behind-the-scenes-of-porn photographer. He took this picture of KK on the set of her movie, Morphine. He also took these, for us...

Here I explain that, yes, Satan does have stats in D&D.

Here, Frankie said something about kittens.

Here I'm checking off some dead goblins.

Now I am dunking my donut in Dr. Pepper.

Now a TIE fighter is landing on my back.

And this is our pig, Ping Pong Von Laserstein.


  1. As a fan of both donuts and Dr Pepper I am both horrified and fascinated by the idea of combining the two. I will have to experiment with it the next time I have both.

  2. Well if that piggie isn't just Nail Bunny/The Doughboys I dunno what is.

  3. Count me in as a member of the its-so-terrible-its-awesome-and-I-can't-look-away bandwagon in regards to dunking a donut into Dr. Pepper. Wow.

    Fantastic photographs. Frankie looks amazing and its been awhile since I voiced my vaguely unhealthy obsession with her hotness. So there. ;)

  4. The fifth picture down is Frankie trying to explain to the group how her character is able to climb a vertical wall, while loading her crossbow and reading a book about mushrooms, while at the same time hiding in shadows, moving silently, and juggling flaming flasks of oil with her left foot in preparation for throwing them down into combat, because, you know, her character is nimble and dextrous...

    As one scrounge to another (or, as my brother the DM has been referring to me for 25 years of DnD playing "Fucking Scrounge!!!") you gotta keep trying to do the impossible. You never know, one day the DM might not be on high alert, too much beer, whatever, and the scrounging slips through his radar. :)

  5. Great post, great photography, DnD, and porn starts playing DnD. Qualifies as a hat trick.

  6. I noticed the guy shoots with a Leica. Without question the best rangefinder ever made. Very cool.

  7. Ping Pong Von Laserstein looks oddly like he is made of chocolate cake.

    Now I am hungry for cake.

  8. Great.

    Captions would be better above the photos? (IMO)

  9. Doughnut? Dr Pepper? You deviant.

    Great pictures though. The kitten picture is particularly good, I think.

  10. #3 is a great picture. 4 gorgeous smiles.