Tuesday, January 12, 2010

They're Everywhere

So I was working on a set today...

It was in this big loft/studio where they shoot tons of porn movies.

And also, the big deal mainstream porn people who run the studio also live there. Like AVN Porn Hall Of Fame members.

And so, anyway, as usual, I am doing a lot of waiting around.

I start noticing stuff, like--

They've got The Complete Conan stories lying on an end table.

And I go upstairs and look at the bookshelf and I notice they've got tons of Fritz Leiber and Michael Moorcock. Like everything they ever wrote in hardcover plus a few vintage paperbacks.

And then...

And I'm like--Hurrrrm...a la Rorschach...and start looking more carefully...

And sure enough...


  1. All your base are belong to us!

  2. The shelf of Star Trek books warms my heart. I knew I liked porn people.

  3. Is that a Decipher LotR:RPG? Le sigh... I so loved that system.

  4. That silver mannequin is kind of sexy.

  5. I wonder if the hobby is actually bigger than any of us imagined. It's just that no one talks about it.

  6. We're very mainstream. Just no one knows it. ;)

  7. I know who's place you were at... Did you see their Magic the Gathering room? they've the biggest collection of cards i've EVER seen. They play every friday. ALL porn stars.

  8. i stumbled over this blog and thought wtf!?
    when i played rpgs (ad&d2nd & merp) some years ago there were hardly any female players here... at all.
    and you play that stuff with pornstars!
    i guess i live in the wrong country. or is it some "recent" development? like the lotr movies turning normal people into fantasy-nerds? i had that feeling at that time. i should probably look for a group and start playing again :D
    - an amazed guy somewhere in germany

  9. Hahahaha... This actually doesn't surprise me. Porn folks out this way (the Northeast) are nerdy as fuck. Nerds are pervs, it's science.


  10. Am I the only person in the 'blogosphere' that find "Complete ready-to-use Enema" ridiculously funny? Is there any other kind?

    And the pr0n applications are just staggering...

  11. First thought: I own those books.

    Second thought: I could fill a set with those...

  12. Betty Childs, Pi-Delta-Pi: Are all nerds as good as you?
    Lewis: Yes.
    Betty Childs, Pi-Delta-Pi: How come?
    Lewis: 'Cause all Jocks ever think about is sports, all we ever think about is sex.