Monday, April 27, 2020

There's Lots of New Stuff

Megadungeon level-switching level 
Graphic dungeon generator along with a dungeon it generated
Fighting a wizard and his pirate fleet in the Eight Demon River
A mountain that comes to life
Insect cult's isometric lair
Cube World #8 and #9 now available in The Store.
Vote for what you want more of:
As you may know, a lot more adventures and materials are being prepared for The Store out of my own notebooks and cancelled LotFP projects.
Vote on what you want next....
More of the Far East material
Stuff from Bards
Southeast Asia/Drownesia
Broceliande (french/english)
Northern Europe/Germany/Vornheim
Red & Pleasant Land
Sea voyages
Middle East/Scorpion Lands
Tools and toys
Nephilidia / Amphibious Vampires
Goblins/Gaxen Kane
.....and megadungeon stuff


Matrox Lusch said...

Hi Zak. Nephilidia for sure. Amphibious vampires!!! It's all good though.
Thanks a bunch for your work. There is something I was wondering about - do you have plans to publish a new campaign map?
Ha, I am slow on the uptick and discovered recently when the digital campaign map is selected and copied from the Vornheim PDF, there is a whole sea section that was covered by the campaign notes. Woa!
The Vornheim campaign map being about a decade old I figure you have a more expansive map and hope one might be made available sometime. Ha, probably more than $5 though, campaign maps of most any persuasion are dear, let alone one which doubles as fine art.

Zak Sabbath said...

Yeah it'll be in there eventually

Peggy said...

1) Vorheim for sure at fisrt !
2) Red and pleasant land - Do you plan to make available the stuff from the "scheduled" (but cancelled) revised edition ?
3) Megadungeon stuff :))
4) Complete Atlas of cube world (666 pages fully illustrated with maps in a holed book)

Peter said...

Red and Pleasant Land

Nick said...

I'd like the stuff you've showcased the least. And anything from that creepy Negatsar land or whatever it is.

Jim Wilson said...

Any and all of your ‘official‘ cancelled LotFP material, labeled as such (even subtly) would be even more helpful and desirable to the collector-types. Also, hope you’re doing well Zak! I mean it with not sarcasms, agenda or strings attached. I’ve never met you but the quality off your work speaks for itself. Once the dust clears you’ll be vindicated, keep your chin up in the weltering meanwhile.

Zak Sabbath said...

@jim wilson

1. I'm not

2. -If- the dust clears. And it won't clear if people don't help.