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These are the RPG materials I use at home--annotated and statted and presented to be usable to everyone--including modular megadungeon pieces, over a hundred pages of things from projects that got cancelled from LotFP and other publishers, the random tables I use in games, and much more about the world that includes Vornheim, Red & Pleasant Land, and Maze of the Blue Medusa

If response continues to be good, these pdfs will continue to go up. Newest releases are at the top...

Odd Jobs In Small Baronies

(Cube World 14)

A mini-sandbox setting, a little over a hundred miles across, a fine starting place or headquarters for exploring the Forest Sauvage. Legendary beasts, underwater ruins, elves living on cliffs, unicorns and unicorn-thieves, a land of hedge-mazes, the cult of the Ultravore, and more.

10$ / 12$ on OnlyFans

The Philosophers

(Cube World #13)

This module concerns The Philosophers—a handful of related species from another dimension with an eerie power over the minds of terrestrial species. Specifically:

-The Neolarval Genesis Pits,​ a valley deep within the mountains where the Philosophers perform strange experiments and breed new selves.
-The Hyperlarvae of Triplet Velve,​ a set-up suitable for an urban social/investigation scenario where the party encounters some of the most bizarre outcomes of these experiments.
-Fortress of the Brain-Eaters,​ a simple ruin colonized by these creatures, riddled with traps, suitable for a skirmish or infiltration via stealth.
-Negazohedron of the Czarithid​, a dungeon adventure in the four-dimensional inner-sanctum of the Czarithid—the most powerful of Philosophers.

10$ / 12$ on OnlyFans

Four Islands

(Cube World #12)

Four Islands:
-Isle of Massive Crustaceans (and the evil sorcerer who loves them)
-Isle of the Lava Trolls (the floor is lava)
-Isle of Fifty Fingers (an Indian-flavored skirmish battle)
-Isle of the Spawn King (including a mutant-creature tribe generator)

5$, 6$ if you use OnlyFans

(Cube World #11)

So decadent are the vampire lords of Nephilidia that they fear equally the sun, the sea, dry land, and, indeed any surface not hewn by an intelligent hand. Distinguishable from ordinary vampires by the gills on their necks and their glassy blue eyes, they prefer to travel via subterranean aqueducts, sewers, or other shallow, watertight, artificial constructions.

Most prefer never to leave their half-drowned empire of Nephilidia. Inside its tarnished palaces and rotting halls they sit--forever knee-deep in black and stagnant water, with strange algaes stretched like cobwebs from the surface to the once-ornate walls and crumbling statuary--endlessly elaborating cruel and languid intrigues, attended by naught but eyeless fish.

Nephilidia once had another name, and another before that, but now it is only Nephilidia—the sun’s weakened gleam silhouetting nothing but immense sea spiders and the scaffolds of illegible, unmoving machines rusting in snow and the enormous moon, in its turn, describing only the charcoaled surfaces of black-armored knights and the pale of their ghost-colored steeds.

This 23-page pdf includes a hexmap, random encounter tables for the sea, snow, and ruins, Nephilidian dungeon generator, map of the last palace, stats, items and lots more. 12$, 15$ if you use Onlyfans.

Red and Pleasant Miscellany 
(Cube World #10)

Snarks, bandersnatches, four-dimensional rooms, halfling pie locks, riding teacups through pools of mercury--I've done a lot with the world of Red & Pleasant Land since it was first published in 2014, here's the best of it...

5$ / 6$ if you use OnlyFans.

Eight Demon River, Lair of the Mantis, Wargenfels
(Cube World #9)

Three self-contained scenarios straight from the notebook.

-Eight Demon River requires the party to wade into the midst of a great naval battle on the titular river, in the Far East, against the fearsome wu-jen Leng Tch'e.

-Temple of the Mantis takes place in a bizarre, mazelike extradimensional space, where the players must evade or defeat strange mantis priests to secure the McGuffin. Lots of teleporting doors and an isometric map. 

-Wargenfels finds the party clinging to life on the back of a giant the size of a mountain

5$. 6 if you use OnlyFans.

The Tracery, Lair of the She-Jackal and Graphic Dungeon Generator
(Cube World #8)

This pdf has three dungeon things...

The Tracery​—a unique area of interlinking walkways that can go inside a larger dungeon, and act as a “switching station” between other levels.

Dungeon Generator​—A tool for quickly putting together a medium-sized dungeon, ideal for lonely places that have been abandoned and then taken over by monsters.

Lair of the She Jackal​—A medium-sized dungeon made using the Dungeon Generator featuring weird magic, lava babies, and lots of scorpions.

It's 5$. 6$ on OnlyFans since there's a service charge.

The Three Dangers of Eeping
(Cube World #7)

This installment contains three scenarios for players who like a challenge:

-The Deep Trap is hard because it requires a very careful search to find the treasure
-The Labyrinth of the Basilisk is hard because it is very deadly
-The Old Empire is hard because both

Characters setting out to deal with these scenarios should be told “it’s very, very, difficult”. If you don’t, they will get mad at you.

Also includes the d1000 Random Treasure Table and all its books and items from Cube World #3

This one has a lot of art to it, so it's 7$. Email me -- zakzsmith AT hawtmayle dawt calm -- to use a payment ap or bank transfer.

If you can't just make a custom pledge to my patreon equal to the amount you're paying and don't renew next month.  It's 8$ if you use onlyfans since they have a service charge.

The Siege of Ortheque
(Cube World #6)

This adventure has three different parts:

-In the first part the party discovers that the port town of Ortheque, in the region of Teeming, has been blockaded and taken over by a chaos warband. The party is given the opportunity to plan an assault and liberate the town. Unaltered, it’s suitable for a mid-level party and has a player's handout they can use to scout it out, plus a GM cheat sheet to make it easy to run.

-When and if the party succeeds, the scenario opens up: all kinds of NPCs are excited to ask the heroes for help doing things they were going to do before the blockade both in Ortheque and in the larger town of AuNord on the other side of the region.

-There are a few things to do in and around Teeming, including a small dungeon, and a random dungeon generator. 5$

Warbox: Broceliande
(Cube World #5)

Broceliande is lovely and green, with tall castles, jousts, quests, wild forests, foxes, frogs and fae, elves in the north, halflings in the south, dwarves in mountains, the stylish and pleasure-loving empire of the Hunger Kings along the east coast and the staid and comfort-fond kingdom of Annwn nearby.

Unfortunately, its closest neighbor is Gaxen Kane, the horrible Goblin Empire, with which the various nations of Broceliande have been at war on-and-off since the earth first formed from the stone that the twelve medusa sisters turned the primordial demons into. This installment is just about the wartorn northern reaches of Broceliande, where the gray elves and goblins contend much as they have for many lifetimes of men.

This is a 10-page sandbox module with about 50 locations, a random town generator, random encounters and D20 illustrated places in which to set them. Lots of pictures. 5$.

Iguana Isle, The Megacorpse, Tower of the Octophant and Drownesia
(Cube World #4)

This four-pack of one-page (ish) places and situations is all about sailing and exploration. The first is a pirate fortress where PCs can try to blend in or just take over, the others are set in Drownesia (or Southeast Asia)--investigating the body of a god being picked at by pterodactyls, an elephant-headed ogre, and a Drownesian princess bride in need of foreigners rescuing from her dinosaur-riding groom.

Includes a 7 page pdf plus a simple map for players to use and a lots of pictures, including the fully-illustrated way-too-much-effort two-page spread "cheat sheet" I use at home for Isle of the Octophant (previewed above). 


The Curated Destruction

(Cube World #3)

Each room of the library consists of one or more hexagonal galleries lined with shelves, with each gallery possessing a second balcony-level held aloft by wooden columns (reached by an immensely tasteful winding staircase in the southeast corner of each room), all executed in the warm and scholarly middle-fae style of southern Broceliande during the Second War. Unless otherwise noted (or flooded past 10’), each is lit by six torches in sconces set along each column. If extinguished the torches will be re-lit the next time the party returns.

It is the Curated Destruction, a semi-legendary library created by the elves to contain all useful knowledge and literary art. The hexagonal shape of the libraries’ galleries derives from the shaft libraries of the ancient serpentmen, the name derives from the method the elves employed to make these collections their own: since the serpentine libraries reportedly contained all possible literary works (all masterpieces, all possible inaccurate plagiarisms of these masterpieces, all accurate predictions, all false ones, texts containing only the letters xvi over and over, utter gibberish, this module, etc) the elves compiled their vast libraries by looting the shaft libraries and destroying every meaningless work.

The party has just found every book they could ever want…in among a practical infinity of ones they don’t.

This is a mammoth installment: 36 pages plus the map. The library-dungeon and all its sections, plus 100 rare books, over a hundred new items and the entire rest of a d1000 all-purpose dungeon treasure table. Plus a table of useless (?) books the PCs pull off the shelves


The Inquisitor's Road, The Gray Fortress, The Echo Chambers (plus d100 potions with ingredients) (Cube World #2)

Every dungeon needs quiet spots, where there are strange things to see and strange choices to make in the dark. A switching-post between the more intense areas--this is what The Echo Chambers are for. They can also just be a fun place to chase an enemy through--like when the spooky music kicks in at Bowser's castle.

I put together an adventure in three parts leading down into them: in the first scenario, the party heads through the wilderness to investigate a heresy at the behest of religious authorities, in the second section the party encounters the cult of the White-Lipped Goddess in a once-abandoned fortress, and the third section is this dungeon.

Each section leads into the next but there are other ways to run them—you could place a treasure at the end of the first or second section and have complete scenario, and you can place enemies from the section section in the Echo Chambers and have a diverting one or two-session dungeon crawl.

Either way, this installment of Cube World should give you at least six hours of play, and likely much more. It also includes a d100 random potion table along with a list of the exotic ingredients necessary to make each potion because I had a monster that was carrying random potions...

It's an 11-page pdf plus a map. $5.00.
Castle Terravante, Vault of Omnilex, and Crypt of the Wretched

(Cube World #1)

It's a couple of linked scenarios (detachable from each other) a social-interaction clusterfuck involve shenanigans in a castle (a duke, a count, a scheming priest, a dark secret etc) and the rest about the dungeon beneath. It runs to 10 pages plus a map and I've run it as part of the beginning of a megadungeon and as a one-shot in its own right--it works either way. So far Kimberly's lost a warpig and all the fingers on one hand. Stats are for any old-school D&Dlike, but it's easy to convert.


Tiger King Dungeon

Exotic animals, competing factions, controlled substances, murder-for-hire, mutilation...the DM who asked me to write her a Tiger King-themed adventure didn't know what she was getting into.

It ran to ten or eleven pages including old-school D&D-style stats (she requested Lamentations of the Flame Princess, so they're technically that), a full-color illustrated dungeon map in addition to the island sketch above.


Other releases...

Frostbitten & Mutilated
Maze of the Blue Medusa
Red & Pleasant Land
Vornheim: The Complete City Kit

If you're having trouble getting these pdfs or have any questions about where the money goes when you buy them, email me.

Art Stuff...

Posters, prints, pillows, shirts, phone

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