Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Secretest Pearl (a campaign for levels 1-12)

There is a secret ocean, hidden to contain Tiamat and the Malachite Gods.
The ocean contains a secret continent, where the xenophobic people fear contact with the cursed ocean.
The continent contains a secret city, whose Agonarchs secretly court and control the forces that menace the people.
The city contains a secret district, where dissidents hide from the wrath of the Agonarchs.
The district contains a secret castle, from which agents of the Agonarchs surreptitiously spy on them.
The castle contains a secret level, where prisoners have escaped and taken control.
The level contains a secret wing, where an Agonarch assassin monitors the prisoners for clues to destroying the resistance from within.
The wing contains a secret shrine, long buried and built by the Second Good King to contain a most holy artifact.
The shrine contains a secret room, where the ancestors of the Agonarchs concealed an ancient and sinister relic, to undermine its influence.
The room contains a secret box, which contains the buried legacy of the dead empire over which the evil worshippers of the sinister relic did their mischief.
The box contains a secret dagger, hidden in a compartment--long lost weapon of the great traitor who first brought down the First Good King--which the Good Queen’s father was forced to forge.
The dagger contains a secret gem, a tiny pearl of sabotage, a gift of the dagger-maker, which can sweep away the wickedness of the world.


cadorette said...
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cadorette said...

This is truly wonderful. Thank you for sharing it.

Geist said...

Elegantly simple and fiendishly complex, all at the same time. Brilliant.

I already have plans to utilise this in my Cyberpunk campaign. Thanks!

G. B. Veras said...
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Unknown said...

The pearl of sabotage contains a secret flaw. Sweeping the mere wickedness away will open the door for true evil to replace it.

Ben Green said...

I think you'd like this brilliant and beautiful children's book, "The House in the Night".