Monday, August 22, 2016

New I Hit It With My Axe + Some Pics

Episode 43:

L to R: Stacy Dellorfano of Contessa, Me w/Ennies, Trollsmyth

Drinking Kickstarter's beer after the Ennies
L to R: Ken Baumann (Satyr Press), Kenneth Hite, Me
Satyr Press intern Theo on the bottom 

Graham Linehan created the IT Crowd, Black Books and Father Ted. He's a fan.

Ennies, L to R: Some guy, Charlotte Stokely, Me, Stoya, Kiel Dungeons & Donuts Chenier

Carl with yet another infuriating homemade shirt
Stokely manning the Lamentations of the Flame Princess booth

This was just a really cool Warhammer 40k table i liked -- do yourself a favor and enlarge these

While we were at Gen Con, our cleric, Karolyn, was invited to the White House. There are Pokemon there.
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Post GenCon, me and Stoya went to Europe to make some pornography

St George about to kill Stoya in  Marshall Tito Square, Zagreb


Revenant said...

I love that last photo. Nice!

Kitchen Wolf said...

Do you buy souls on a regular basis or was it more of a one-off deal? Is it easier or harder than buying a used car?

George Q said...

Some cool pics here - the Warhammer 40K game does indeed look awesome and the Graham Linehand tweet is ace. :-)

On a only slightly related note, I was at a convention in England at the weekend and I went to a talk by Stoya. I asked her to sign my copy of A Red And Pleasant Land - she seemed to think you wouldn't mind. :-)

Dan said...

I'd love to meet Ken Hite. He's written so many amazing rpg books.

Stuart said...

Hope you enjoyed Croatia. I'm usually there every year, bu sadly not this year. Went to Armenia instead!