Wednesday, October 31, 2012

So This Happened...

So it's the vampires' half of the initiative, right?

Vampire A comes down as a bat, grapples the party's wizard from behind. Pulls the wizard away hostage style like "move and he's dead".

So it's like, front to back:


Vampire B moves with them, taking an overwatch action, like "anybody move and you're toast."

Party's thief has an invisibility ring, sneaks behind Vampire A, garottes him from behind, not killing him but preventing him from attacking. So:


Of course then bodyguarding Vampire B takes his snap action to grab the thief from behind. So it's like:


But then it's still the players' side of the initiative, so then the party's fighter runs up behind Vampire B and garottes him. So they're all in a horrible deadly conga line...


And it's time to roll initiative again...


  1. I'm reminded of this finnish newspaper comic:

    "Train cancelled due bad weather."

  2. Isn't this the plotline from Human Centipede 3?

  3. Quick! Someone cast Otto's Irresistible Dance, and let's get this party started!

  4. Wands of Lightning were made for this.

    You know if you had enough monsters and PCs you could have the whole thing circle around until the Wizard gets to grab someone and it's an ouroboros of grapple checks. Everyone garrotes/bites each other at the exact same instant and everyone dies, summoning Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant from the center of the circle. The eternal struggle begins again in earnest.

  5. The less fun variant of the Conga Line of Death...

  6. waitaminute waitaminute waitaminute

    the fighter moved into position behind vampire B, after Vampire B used a snap action to break the flow of initiative?

    does this mean you don't require everyone in the party to declare their actions at the beginning of the party's turn?


  7. Maybe Green Fighter planned to garotte Vampire B all along. Or maybe he wanted to attack VampB, and the player decided to drop weapon and quickdraw a garotte instead of using the weapon, just for laughs.

    Or maybe there's no declaration.