Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dungeon Alice

Another drawing for the upcoming Alice thing...
Click to enlarge this crappy cameraphone pic (abandoned sketch of a different Alice in the bottom right)

(more entries about this project if you click here.)

It's all ink, that gray stuff that looks like pencil is actually half-erased ink which you can do if you use this smooth hot press illustration board.The sketch is in pink and then I switch to black when I find the line I want.

Connie, our thief, is the model...


  1. I dread the when I start referring to players by their character class because guy who usually playes the dwarves, gnomes and halflings in my group is about a head taller than me and while I know he would not mind "our dorf" it would be kinda ankward.

    Also that is nice work and has Alice in Wonderland been getting any RPG treatment besides that old Gygax module?

  2. Oh crap, you just created my Fiancee's next cosplay costume. Thank you for the awesome outfit I hopefully get to peel her out of, Fie on the work it will be to make it. Pics if it actually happens! (the creation . . not the peeling . . . I'll leave that to the pro's).