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Those Who Bring Piercing Weapons

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DEMONS OF THE SEVENTH ORDER—Those Who Bring Piercing Weapons

Those Who Bring Piercing Weapons, The Ravens of Dispersion, The Bringers of Murder, The Seven Catastrophes lie in wait in high places. When called, they come seeking—gathering in the periphery of the life of a luckless victim, their curse is to slay those with whom that pinion soul has had some one chosen contact. They may be summoned to slay all with whom the victim speaks, all with whom the victim lies, all with whom the victim engages in commerce, any who (as in the case of Cain) harm the victim, etc—the necromancer or curse which summons them decides the nature of the forbidden act to be punished.

The summoning takes one week, and requires the Necromancer (a seventh son of a seventh son or a promiscuous woman who has witnessed a crime) devote a day to lust, a day to wrath, a day to envy, a day to pride, a day to gluttony, a day to greed, and the final day to sloth, playing each day a single pure note from the diatonic musical scale while passing through seven gates.

The names of these crow-headed beings have seven syllables, like Swallowtail Catastrophe, or seven letters, like Umbilic or Abaddon.

Calm: 7
Agility: 7
Toughness: 7
Perception: 7
Appeal: 0
Cash: 0
Knowledge: 7

Calm Check: 7
Cards: Knight of Swords (10), Chariot (7)

Special abilities:

Demonic: Demons don’t need to breathe or digest, don’t age, and are immune to poison, etc. and cannot be mentally controlled with psionic abilities. Animals will avoid demons in any form. Technological contrivances like firearms and explosives can hurt but never kill The Ravens, except for those noted below.

Sixth Sense: All demons are supersensitive to danger, hostile emotions and signs of past trauma or the supernatural.

Immunity: The Catastrophes can only be physically hurt by magic, by their own weapons (any of them), or by weapons derived from nitrogen (such as nitroglycerin or liquid nitrogen).

Flight: These demons can fly as crows or ravens.

Seven Weapons: The Ravens of Dispersion forge and wield weapons of seven metals: one carries arms of gold, one silver, one copper, one iron, one tin, one mercury and one lead. They are often thrown and cause standard damage. The lead weapon causes the victim to save or lose a point of Knowledge over 7 days.  The mercury weapon is a kind of liquid web which coats the demon’s beak and claws and causes the victim to check Toughness vs and Intensity of 7 or lose 1 Knowledge and 1 Calm.


The holy symbols of any faith causes a demon to make a Calm check or flee until they are out of sight. The intensity of the calm check is equal to the degree of fervor of whoever is wielding it (1-9). In the case of an incidentally encountered symbol (a glimpsed church steeple, for instance) the intensity is 2.

Touching a holy symbol, including holy water, does damage to a demon as an ordinary physical attack.

Speaking the true name of demon causes it great pain, and the creature must make a Calm Check against the speaker’s Calm each round to avoid obeying the attacker.

Can only be physically hurt by magic, by their own weapons (any of them), or by weapons derived from nitrogen (such as nitroglycerin or liquid nitrogen).

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