Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Those Who Are Obscene


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These demons, also called Gamaliel, Obscene Ones, and divided into the succubus (female) and the incubus (male) are capable of assuming an impossibly attractive appearance and seek thereby to tempt humans, and thereby spawn half-demonic children tainted by dishonest congress.

In order to attract a succubus or incubus, a human must be willing and the prospect of intercourse must involve the mortal in a lie or broken promise. As the act progresses the creature becomes ever more monstrous. The true and final form of a succubus is a horned woman 15’ tall, its many bellies awrithe with polluted offspring, the true form of the incubus is a curled and clutching abomination with skin like an eel.

Their true names have nine letters—such as Onivistin. A succubus can only be summoned to a place on days when the number of births in that place is precisely nine times the number of murders, an incubus can only be summoned when nine genuine accidents have resulted in nine deaths of nine lovers in nine days. The summoning involves nine atrocities, nine virgins and nine weapons—one of mercury dedicated to the first planet, one of copper dedicated to the second planet, one of graphite dedicated to the third planet, one of iron dedicated to the fourth planet, one of tin dedicated to the fifth planet, one of lead dedicated to the sixth planet, one of lapis lazuli dedicated to the seventh planet, one of aquamarine dedicated to the eighth planet, and one of ice that melts as it is used dedicated to the planet that is not a planet.

Calm: 9
Agility: 4
Toughness: 9
Perception: 6
Appeal: 9
Cash: 5
Knowledge: 6

Calm Check: 9
Cards: Lovers (6), Nine of Swords

Special abilities:

Demonic: Demons don’t need to breathe or digest, don’t age, and are immune to poison, etc. and cannot be mentally controlled with psionic abilities. Animals will avoid the demon in any form. Technological contrivances like firearms and explosives can hurt but never kill these demons—they must be manually decapitated, have their hearts cut out, or be dealt with by magic.

Sixth Sense: All demons are supersensitive to danger, hostile emotions and signs of past trauma or the supernatural.

Shapeshift: These demons can appear to be ordinary humans, though always with a missing finger.

Emerge from the Darkness: If unwitnessed, Gamaliel may step into any shadow in the city where they are summoned and reappear through any other in the same city.

Corrupt Eye: A single look from one of these demons will cause a pregnant woman to give birth to nine children in total over nine years. Each will despise the others. If she has more than nine already, the others will die—if she has nine precisely, she will serve the demon for nine years.


The holy symbols of any faith causes a demon to make a Calm check or flee until they are out of sight. The intensity of the calm check is equal to the degree of fervor of whoever is wielding it (1-9). In the case of an incidentally encountered symbol (a glimpsed church steeple, for instance) the intensity is 2.

Touching a holy symbol, including holy water, does damage to a demon as an ordinary physical attack.

Speaking the true name of demon causes it great pain, and the creature must make a Calm Check against the speaker’s Calm each round to avoid obeying the attacker.

Those Who Are Obscene are always missing a finger in any form.


Kitchen Wolf said...

I just sort of picture one of these critters setting up a casting call for women with nine children. Tell 'em it's a "real people" ad campaign for Dove or Gerber or something. Bonus points for the agency rep lying for nookie.

WestRider said...

I really like the phrase "the planet that is not a planet". Such a great poetic way of describing the status of that particular celestial object.