Sunday, December 24, 2017

Retropost Sunday: D10 Seasonal Modules Someone Should Write

Roll d10

1 Fuck This Sugarplum Palace

2 Unlimited Access To Every Single House With A Chimney And At Least One Christian Inhabitant For One Night Only

3 The Rat King Was Right The Nutcracker Is A Devouring Menace

4. Biscuits, Ice And New Machines

5 Toyhammer of the Weasel Elves

6 The Bishop of Turkey and His Six To Eight Slaves

7 Inside The Turkey Is A Duck And Inside That Is A Chicken And Inside The Chicken Is The Entrance

8 Your Grandmother's House Is Basically Wolf-Themed

9 The Reward For Your Year Of Sloth And Sin Is This Reeking Anthracite

10 Black Metal Frost Giants Of The Hatemountain Demand Toys


Fonkin said...

10 reminds me - distubingly - of the fire elementals in Tim Powers' Anubis Gates. "AHHH! AHHHH! SHOW ME THE SWISS CLOCKWORK VILLAGE! GIVE IT TO ME! AAAAHHHHH!"

Mattias said...

Merry christmas Zak.

Franky Rolls A 20 said...

Does Zak celebrate Christmas? He probably celebrates something dark and very pagan instead. Festivus, of course.

The Airing of Grievances is an especially lengthy process.

Number three has potential, in a 'Dungeonland' or 'The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror' sort of way.

Fonkin said...

I'm all over number ten now; considering it "road project #11"...

cabbar said...

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