Saturday, December 30, 2017

d10 Awful Things To Say When Something Bad Happens To Their Skin

A lot of horror is just in how you say it.

1, It darkens and curls off like a leaf in a fire, batwing-shaped

2, It begins to drag and strip away in peals. like when tissue paper gets wet

3, It explodes in small, filthy yellowed bubbles that sag in on themselves instead of pop

4, It begins to run and then drip the way plastic melts, hanging in long hanging drops

5, It turn drier and tighter, ripping like paper showing red underneath

6, The veins and arteries in your arm pulse and writhe with something that isn't your blood

7, It's as if you're wrapped in some synthetic fabric that doesn't breathe but there's nothing there

8, A meniscus forms, like an algae, it feels like someone else's skin all around yours

9, There's a hot and cold like a needle or a staple's punched in and then dragged around your neck muscle while still anchored

10. You know, cherry pie filling? It feels like that, warm, and the cherries are made of saliva

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remial said...

if I get any perfume or cologne on my skin I have a violent allergic reaction. You know when you de-varnish wooden furniture, you pour this glop onto the furniture, let it sit for a bit, and then you take a rag or something and swipe the glop off, and the varnish comes off in this skin like substance?
That's what happens to my skin. Down to the fat layer, exposing muscle and the blood system network. very painful. and this happens in oh, about 30 seconds or so. washing it off with water only dilutes it to a chemical burn so that's nice.