Wednesday, December 13, 2017

It's Definitely A Pattern


It happened again--yet another performatively woke RPGnet dude who dogpiled onto a harassment campaign against us has been, well, take a look...

There's nothing new to say. Just the usual "I told you so".


Obviously, this is tedious but its not good ignore something like this simply because people want to keep their blogs interesting--it's a pretty shitty excuse for supporting silence about abuse.

Previously in these chronicles:




Jeff Rients said...

I feel like I learned something important about that JoeNotCharles fellow (who I don't otherwise know) by his use of the term "offensive/illegal."

InI said...


do you know when you started using the term "woke"?

what term(s) did you use before it?

Zak Sabbath said...

It's a common term in circles i run in, but I started using it on the blog when I noticed it had filtered enough into contemporary usage that even white drama club members on twitter knew what it meant (that ensured that when I said something was "performatively woke" the target of that criticism would understand what that meant).

Before that , depending on context, i might simply say progressive--though that term doesn't carry the helpful connotation of not just a political direction but being educated enough about real life to adopt that perspective.

Valzi said...

Online RPG discussion is, repeatedly, the worst social scene I've encountered on the internet. (I know there are many worse.) So many people dramatically attached to the idea of harassing people to communicate viewpoints and unable to hear. So weird.