Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Pretty Good For A Droid

Check this place out (yes, there are many grammar problems, you'll see why in a second):
   The dungeon was originally a ship that is the nursery of illusionists, but has been forgotten by most civilized races for eons. It was rediscovered due to the recent earthquake. Near the Northeast entrance, a human male thief of unusual intelligence suspects it may contain Tiamat – one of particular interest – and so has dispatched humanoids with goat-like features into the complex. They communicate via telepathy.

     Meanwhile, a group of foppish elder xornmen who entered through a secret door to the Southeast suspects it may contain a diamond that they value. Their leader is said to be strangely zealous and is also a tactical genius with a dangerous pet – a meazel that appears to obey his/her every whim. It roams the halls seeking sustenance but is afraid of prophecy. It’s also far burning with zeal than the typical member of its species. This group uses a powerful but barely-mobile psionic medium to spy on the other group of intruders.

     (In recent weeks, the two factions have begun to notice each other in the halls.)

     Unbeknownst to either side, a jackal-headed warrior – wielding powerful magic – lives deep within, inside a network of tunnels leading eventually to a pair of gloves which it prizes beyond all things.

     It has built traps around its lair – for example, a sturdy cage ready to close on whatever steps inside - billows of steam are produced, heavily obscuring vision – but also two stranger traps, informed by its bizarre alien intelligence, which cause intruders to be destroyed by death. It can avoid the traps easily because of its unique abilities.

    The other factions have also made about two traps each, but they are cruder, since they’ve been recently and hastily thrown together.

    In addition, many hazards exist, the legacy of the dungeon’s original inhabitants. No-one has yet discovered the secret passage near the stairway on the second level.

     Due to the subtle influence of a crown (behind the cabinet on level two) with a powerful curse on it, nearly all the inhabitants have become increasingly panicked and some have gained additional bizarre physical and mental deformities. Some have become obsessed with a giant fire beetle for reasons unknown.
   Perhaps the most disturbing room in the dungeon is the so-called “Chamber of Nine Shadows” which the intelligent creatures in the dungeon fear above all else. However, beyond it there is a halfling nun who hails from the homeland of one of your PCs and may aid him/her, though s/he covets the PCs’ (whatever they have that’s unusual) and is repulsed by the sight of every great barrel containing alchemical component s/he sees in the dungeon.

    The dungeon’s architecture resembles an overgrown arena; however every elaborate finger painting in flammable oil in it is made of Moonbar and Meteorite.

     Moreover, it is said that, hidden deep within the complex where no mortal has been in eons, is the Throne of The Infinite Night and hills that walk and kill, the pieces of a great slow game played by tiny wizened beings.

...created using the random Dungeon Overview toy over at Abulafia.

Not only are the Abulafia random generators criminally under-utilized, they're the only successful collaboration between Story Gamers and DIY RPG people.

These are the ones I use:

 3d6 In Order NPC 
 Arabian Nights-Ish Scenario Generator 
 Available Dog Generator 
 Barbarian Tribe Generator 
 Creepy Fantasy Villain 
 Customs and Superstitions 
 Dungeon Area Name 
 Dungeon Overview 
 Dungeon Room 
 Exotic Landscape 
 Fantasy Adventure Locations 
 Fantasy Assignment 
 Fantasy Mansion Domestic Security Measures 
 Fantasy NPC (Basic) 
 Fantasy Person Of Interest 
 Fantasy Royal History W/Related Setting Info 
 Fantasy Town (Simpler) 
 Folks you might want to stab 
 Generic Dungeon Key 
 Grim gonzo modern fantasy horror plot generator 
 Hex Map Key 
 Hexes With Plot Hooks
 Intercepted Inter-Fantasy NPC Communique 
 It's Random Adventure Time 
 NPC Relationships 
 Nabokov On Dopplegangers 
 Nested Treasure Table 
 Orcinator 3000 
 Poetic Destinations 
 Psychon Citadels 
 Pulp Fantasy Nation 
 Quick Creepy Fantasy Villains 
 Quick Creepy Villains 
 Random Fortress 
 Random Humanoid Horde 
 Resting In Town Before Going Back Into The Dungeon 
 Situation Generator 
 Templated Dungeon 
 Thor Hex Element 
 Today At Sea 
 Tolkien Hex Element 
 Weird Fantasy Monster 
 Whats Up With This Palace 

 Wizard Tower


Lurk said...

Has anyone else noticed that some of the entries don't load properly in chrome? I use the jewelry generator because it thinks of weirder stuff than I can and I like making it harder for my players to offload loot. But now it only loads the left half of the entries and I have to inspect the page to find the individual entries. It does this on a couple other pages too, like fantasy books and another one I can't remember.

I wish I knew how to fix it or contact someone who could. I tried using an email I found on the site but I got no response.

Also more on topic, that's an awesome dungeon and this website has made DMing way easier and been responsible for some of my greatest games.

Zak Sabbath said...

Dave Younce runs the site talk to him