Monday, July 31, 2017


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Devouring Plasm

A quickly-metastasizing amoeboid lifeform; possibly—hopefully—of extraterrestrial origin. Its vast body can be of essentially any size the host wishes, from a crawling oddity like a jarful of spilled jam to a tsunami of churning goo. As it eats it grows larger—and all it does is eat.

i've been looking so long at my pictures of goo that i almost believe that they're real

Calm: n/a
Agility: 1
Toughness: 9
Perception: 2
Appeal: n/a
Cash: n/a
Knowledge: 0

Calm Check: 8
screamed at the make believe screamed at the sky
open my eyes but i never see anything
these goggles they do nothing
my pictures of goo

Special abilities:

Asphyxiation: The plasm can swallow a creature, depriving it of air, causing damage as a normal attack each round until the victim is freed.

Dispersed form: The plasm can only be hurt by weapons or tactics that move large parts of its body away from the main mass. Firearms are useless, though explosives can work.

Wave attack: If the plasm is of sufficient size, the Host may allow the ooze to attack as an area effect, delivering damage to any target near the wavefront on a successful attack.

(Possibly) Intelligent: It is possible a plasm was once human, unimaginably translated—in this case it has Negative Calm and Knowledge equal to the original host -2, but can only be communicated wth telepathically.

(Possibly) Acidic: Merely touching the Plasm causes Standard Damage at 9 Intensity.


Use of massive amounts of weak bases (akaline compounds) like ammonia can neutralize or drown acidic plasms, causing Standard Damage each round if the volume is at least 1/10th the size of the plasm. In general, defeating plasms can be an opportunity for clever uses of chemistry by PCs.
you were always so lost in the dark


G. B. Veras said...

It reminded me of "Corium" (

TL:DR... When everything goes wrong, the nuclear core of a power plant melts and create a "lava" made of extremely radioactive material.

Like this ooze but even more deadly.

Karma Choying said...

Awe inspiring and creepy. I cannot wait for Demon City to be released!

Logan Knight said...

+ a thousand for the Cure lyrics.

Jesse Lloyd said...

The progress on these paintings is amazing. The final product is definitely going to be one of the most artistically engaging tabletop products we've seen.