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House of D100 Corpses

Here's an index to that stuff.

D100 Corpses and What They Were Carrying

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1, Human thief. 3 torches, one slowly burning through her leg. 5 days rations, 20' rope. Throwing axe inscribed "To Bella, may it always find its mark" buried in abdomen.

2, Kimmerian warrior, face carefully burned away; sword, dagger, hand axe all neatly broken and arrayed around the body; five war-dog harnesses strapped around thigh, each with crusted blood.

3, Adult Tengu. Scroll of feather fall. Tinderbox. Bedroll. Bokken (wooden sword) carved with shifting runes of unknown origin. 

4, Drowned corpse of a princess- ruby necklace, gold crown, 100 gp, and a music box that has mesmerizing melody and leaks copious amounts of water when opened. 

5, Half-elf Thief with sting mark in neck, dagger, collapsible mini fishing pole,  thieve's tools,  fishing weights & hooks (some highly & lightly magnetized), fishing line,  blowgun w/ 10 darts, 10 slot bandolier with 9 live wasps expertly bound & in the slots.

6, Eviscerated ettin. Longspear with a flint head. Bark shield. Clay pipe and a bag of extra strong pipeweed. Elf jerky. 

7, Corpse whose face has been replaced with a hole which looks into a dungeon. Blue skin, wears fantasy Russian finery. Carries a random key, a rusty lantern (squeaks, +1 in 6 chance of encounters) with 3 hours of oil, a braided blanket of many colours, a knife on a 5' stick, and a dehydrated octopus in a jar (add water to bring back to life, acts as 3rd level thief). 

8, Disemboweled druid. Silver-thread robe. A golden sickle. Oracle bone. Small collection of bawdy pictures. 

9, Halfling with case full of expensive, impressive, distinctive earrings worth dungeon levelx1000 gp. They will be immediately by recognized by dwarves as stolen goods.

10, Halfling: stomach has burst open with strange fungal growth and is filled with gems, coins, little keepsakes, soggy canvas that was once a painting, nails, spoons, marbles. The gems and coins are worth d100 x 10.

11, Human. Teeth weirdly overgrown, puncturing through the cheeks. Within mouth is a fairy, sentenced to imprisonment for an ill-considered jape. Can only be released by smashing the teeth, or cutting into the head. 

12, Mutilated merchant. Bag of glass beads. Basket of hop cones. Sack of beaver tails. Coin pouch containing 6d20 gold pieces (counterfeit). 

13, Corpse is actually hands legs, head, clothes from several different corpses carefully arranged by goblins to seem like one dead body. pack contains 30gp and spoiled rations but coming within 5' puts a scent on you that goblins' dogs can track

14, Female elf, hanging underneath a bridge. She has been picked clean but the rope is enchanted and can on the right command move along the ground like a snake, climb trees etc, and can even tie a knot in itself. The rope is 20 ft long, and if it gets cut loses the enchantment.

15, Two corpses, both humans, impaled on the same longspear. the spear is lined with barbs, and it looks like both died in pain trying to work the weapon through their bodies. Simple leather hoods,  shoddy leather jerkins, and rusting farm tools suggest they were hapless hirelings. Only one has a leather pouch on their belt, containing a handful of 2d6 coppers and 4 red acorn seeds. 

16, Crumpled Arbalestier, her head stove in. Broken crossbow, jack-and-chains, satchelful of mewling mandrakes. 

17, Burnt bugbear. Brigandine. Exquisite katzbalger and baselard set (stolen). Tin cup. Jug of plum brandy. Diary which reads like a food porn blog written in undercommon. 

18, A curse of beauty: the first person to touch the corpse recieves the curse, they become increasingly alluring to everyone gaining 1 point of charisma each day. When their charisma reaches 18 then each day they gain a follower of the DMs choosing. Jealousy and rivalry will follow, duels will be fought in the cursed's name, murder, obsessive stalking. Kings will send armies to collect that person. The curse, once discovered, can be removed at a temple for 500 gold per point of charisma back to their starting charisma. Once those enamoured of the character realise they were tricked they will become very angry.

19, Thief - two purses, one containing 237 sp/gp, the other containing 4 small gems worth 50 sp/gp each. A small knife covered in blood

20, Small humanoid, dressed in filthy rags.  Face beaten in brutally, skin on body covered in scars (runes or arcane writing of some kind.)  Right hand clutches a rattle from a snake, left hand a lemon.

21, Druidic Novitiate,  deadskin mask, pair of jagged sickles, ogham-staff upon which is writ a sequence of riddles referring to the hunger of the moon, white robe torn and stained with blood. 

22, Crowman 4' tall, stabbed. backpack emptied next to him, ripped up pillow, a slice of bread. one wing is false (actually that wing was severed long ago) and conceals a pouch containing: 1d6x100gp worth of gems, a vial of powdered mushroom (snort to have pleasant hallucinations for 3d4 hours, also able to see invisible ghosts) and a glass globe with a gold sniffing scarab inside (flies towards gold when within 5')

23, Pulverized prince. Brocade finery. Bottle of hippocras. Chicken fingers. Chastity belt. 

24, Imperial Cataphract torn in half. Lamellar klibanion over double layer of mail. Spear, mace, axe and two kinds of sword. Top half fifty feet away from bottom half. Look of surprise frozen on his face.

25, A thief, completely flat, thieve’s tools, daggers etc. all crushed flat and useless. Rope maybe still usable. Partial maps of this and some other places, mostly correct.

26, Decapitated dwarf. Double-bitted axe. Beard balm. ToupĂ©e. A biscuit. 

27, half orc in possession of his own memoir of surprising insight and clarity detailing his birth in the Pitch Hoarding and his subsequent inability to integrate with orc society and eventual quest to find his mother. Includes hand-drawn maps and sketches of important figures. Also: crummy drugs and rabbit meat.

28, Victim of a teleportation mishap. Half fused with a stone wall, head and an arm and a leg sticking out. Digging him out of the wall with pickaxes or similar will gain access to a 3rd level magic-users's spellbook and 1d8x100gp.

29, Plump blueskinned woman ready to burst, one red pump on her left foot, a snake grenade clenched in her fist.

30, 14th level wizard covered in flour lying facedown in a pile of marbles and caltrops in a scorched pool of oil and lard, arrows in his back. Nothing of value but the trail from his body leads to a very smug looking party of adventurers loaded with 2467gp worth of talismans and a loaded spellbook.

31, skeleton carefully wrapped in thin gold foil, head is filled with steel wool, removing the steel wool reanimates the thing (treat as 9th lvl fighter, 1/2 damage from slashing and piercing), removing the foil grants you an indefatigable enemy

32, Adventurer or a hobo, hard to tell which. Dirty stinking worn out clothes. Golden necklaces, wristbands and rings. A chain is wrapped around the corpse, the other end trailing into darkness. Every time the corpse is approached, something yanks it away, towards the dark.

33, Halfling. Disembowled with intestine wrapped around neck. Nothing in pockets but a map to a country no one has heard of called Taured. 

34, A lizardperson, but so difficult to tell due to so many parts missing, sliced out or off until it's a "butterflied" torso with stumpy appendages.  A spear, shield, and crude breast plate are carelessly piled a few feet from the corpse.

35, The pope. He's actually still alive, but very poorly, needs help now! Saving his life will carry a big reward.

36, Male orc missing both legs, lying in large a pool of fresh blood, broken wine bottle beside him. Carrying a leather pouch around waist filled with (bottles of? -z) different sizes and shapes. Cause of death, bled out from leg wounds. 

37, The corpse of a gambler turned literal dead-bead debtor. His throat is slit with his own playing card; his own dice have been deeply thrust into his eye sockets with snake eyes facing up. An IOU addressed to the presumed murderer hangs from his mouth.

38, A flattened... Something. Can't really tell what it was. like vertically flattened so the body is a roughly circular pancake of goo and leather, contained within the foot print of something humongous. Valuables include 2d6 silver coins flattened like a penny run over by a train. 

39, goblin chef with spatula, knife set, salt, d10 sauce bottles, dried mushrooms, fancy hat. monster cookbook, goat fat, herbs and spices in tiny clay jars

40, The corpse appears to be a fairly well off (if foppish) adventurer in fashionable but durable clothing (elven/fey-weave worth 200 gp, resistant to normal wear-and-tear, staining.) with rough marks on his neck indicating somebody choked him. His pockets are notably emptied, but a highly valuable jeweled amulet dangles loosely from his neck. This is, in fact, a necklace of strangulation.

41, Cow. In its belly the jade egg of unreason. 

42, A near skeletal corpse, dressed festively in the style of a local holiday, buried inside a giant pot of boiling hot pudding. A holly stake has been lodged in the corpse's chest cavity. If the stake is removed, the corpse animates as a vampire. The taste of the pudding is off, for it's literally blood pudding.

43, A pile of 1d10+10 albino plague mice, each laying on its back with its legs curled facing up. 

44, Crass sea cucumber wife in the tattered bone and brine finery of a better era, her tangled intestines choking a brachiopod man. In her bag of hands three gold and stone rings. 

45, Orator from the imperial capital, throat slit and tongue removed. Items on person: crudely forged love letter from the wife of a diplomat, and empty coin purse that never held money. Also, carefully hidden legal document securing ownership of an ancient dwarven mine. 

46, Featureless corpse of a Doppleganger. Nasty gut wound. Postmortem reflex causes it to try to imitate features of those touching it for next 1d10+5 minutes and sticks to last appearance it took after that.

47, Dwarven skeleton. No hands. Top front teeth have numbers one to six scrimshawed on them. If teeth taken, and one is held in hand while character is rolling any die, tooth disintegrates and die rolls that number if possible.

48, This ancient corpse sits in a position of prayer or meditation. It is the pristine remains of a holy man who remained incorrupt through death. The corpse's mummified flesh is poisonous to saprophages, thus remaining unviolated.The prayer beads or vestments worn by the mummy indicate the holy site to where it may be returned, where it is attended (and perhaps even venerated) by lay worshipers.

49, Corpse in moldering floral button-up and sandals; small box around neck with mysteriously created pictures of ~20 nearby beings, rooms, or treasures

50, Mangled and half-eaten body of a young man in monk's robes, still clutching a crumpled scroll of Summon.

51, Psi-warrior run through with crystal spear, has three pearls of power and a colorful plumed mask. Chimeric spirit guide also pinned, trying to escape, but only visible to people sleeping, hallucinating or insane. Promptly leads to master's killer when freed, will serve as familiar to whoever avenges

52, A fat stirge shot recently through with an otherwise ordinary elvish arrow. Examining its glittery gullet or proboscis will show its last meal was unicorn.

53, A plague physician in full bird mask outfit.  Body completely unmarked, flesh is strangely waxy rather than decayed.  Satchel holds herbs (more aromatic than medicinal), scalpels, saws and many small glass cups with scorch marks.

54, Dead tax collector killed on the job. Carries various purses containing a total of 1d100 coins of every type up to gold pieces plus 1d10 platinium pieces and 1d6 gems of random value. Also holds in hand tax records with checklist of persons on collection route.

55, dark elf with fearsome chest wound carrying cruelly serrated crossbow bolts and an accurate chart of the motions of the winds over the nearest sea for the next 4 weeks written in an ancient elvish script. If translated it's worth 1000gp per relevant day left to sailors

56, A fucking huge barbarian: backstabbed. His hands clutched in rigor mortis around his two-handed sword. Inscribed on the sword are the words "Over my dead body".

57, Dead, eight-limbed elf. Face of confused agony. Four arms and legs are flesh; these are limp as sausages. The other four are bone and ligament: phased out of her body and posed as if escaping. Tumbled aside: a book full of notes and a spell of Wake Skeleton.

58, the desiccated husk of a mummified monk, sitting perfectly upright, hand in esoteric position, with a face of serenity. skin rock hard and golden brown. he appears to have self-embalmed. at his feet lie a neat bundle of religious tracts, a dried-out quill and ink pot, and several empty jars. a herbalist might be able to identify that the first two contain traces of a curious mixture of resins and toxins. the last contain traces of vomit. if dissected, his stomach contains a number of river stones. his eternal tranquility is marred by the single word of graffiti carved across his brow: "DICK".

59, A large obese human corpse clothed in bear fur. Close inspection reveals a faint rumbling coming from inside. There is a halfling sleeping in the eviscerated remains, if woken he quickly gets up and throwing a dark look the player's way, stalks off mumbling about needing to find a new bed without assholes disturbing him. In his hand he clasps a cleaver, and a rusty hook hangs from his belt.

60, Emaciated adventurer corpse in a gibbet.  Empty pack and waterskin.  Purse contains gold appropriate for level of dungeon.  Gold ring on finger is magical.  Whoever takes the ring off the finger takes the place of the corpse in the gibbet.

61, A child: unmarked, unclothed, starting to rot, covered in snails. Their movements map the safest way through a dungeon.

62, Dismembered body with bloody handaxe in one hand. Neatly written suicide note nearby, no explanation of how they doed it. 

63, Middle-aged man, unshaven, wearing green. Beaten to death. Index and middle fingers recently cut off. Has broken longbow, empty purse, cheaply-printed pamphlets advocating for a peasant uprising.

64, A spidery, thin occultist sits bent over an old ouija board, her blood staining it but dead by unknown causes. The planchette points at "YES".

65, A dwarf that has been stripped of everything. Luxurious beard is coated in oils and waxes though. Beard can provide d10 torches.

66, Monk covered with tattoos. Mouth stuffed with poison mushrooms, emasculated, gang symbol branded on chest.

67, Old Slavic-looking man with thick moustache and hairy forearms. Wears rough homespun peasant clothes and leather apron. A very sharp boning knife is stuck into his neck. He carries a short-handled mallet and 3d6 strips of jerky, made from some unidentifiable meat.

68, A normal sized frog, lodged in it's belly is a well cut diamond on a gold ring, the diamond is the size of a human eyeball

69, A couple of thieves, covered in black oozing stab wounds with looks of immense pain of their faces. They have small cut wounds upon them where it was clear they once had items or purses. A small note written in some sort of thieves cant is all that you can find

70, A large fighter, placed onto its back with its sword laying upon its armoured chest covered by both hands. A gold coin is placed over each eye

71, The bodies of several lowborn riffraff are impaled upon pikes, their last expressions warped in extreme agony. They serve as bleak reminders of what happens to those who reach beyond their bounds. One of the dead upstarts clenches a small slip of parchment in his fist. It holds a clue about the local ruler's dread secret.

72, Bloated ill-dressed maiden with a parasitic wasp frog demon chimaera in her bosom and gold coins in her ears. 

73, Dead, dirty drunkard covered in a film of his own puke, clutches a bottle of whiskey so potent you can get a contact high just by coming within 5 ft. The mark of station in the man's pocket proves him as once a distinguished figure, but some terrible, unknown fate laid him truly low. 

74, Small stout bloated creature with rusty skin floats in a puddle mixed with it's black blood. It wears a silver crown (worth 200sp). Upon closer inspection the body bares several names carved into it's flesh. Some are foreign. Some are familiar. 3d20 names glow with a golden light.

75, The butcher's son, in pigskin gloves.

76, The corpse of a doomsayer preacher, wears plain priestly vestments, a necklace of garlic cloves plus a silver holy symbol, and sandals. Her belt holds a silver dagger of ritual sacrifice, two vials of holy water, and some incense. Some sort of untitled logbook  lies in the filth a few feet away. Someone has torn away the last few pages.

77, A bald monk with a forehead full of holy ash. Asphyxiated, cheeks full and near-bursting. Gums bloody, teeth missing. Fat, jewel-eyed idol jammed in his mouth cavity; it would not have fit past the opening of his lips.

78, Emaciated, panther-headed humanoid creature, wrapped in bandages at the wrists and ankles. It clutches one of its young--a newborn--barely alive. The younger creature will imprint on the first living thing that pays it any attention.

79, A tiger sized cat which clutches the tail of a slightly smaller feline in it's jaws. Ad infinitum until you have a ring of cats ever decreasing in size biting each other's tails. Each feline caries a silver bell around it's neck that chimes with an individual's last words. (Add wind for spookiness.)

80, Dead man in fool's garb, almost skeletal, lying face down, grabbing punctured side and reaching towards blank wall. Has two vials of laughing gas and a 50' rope of tied color handkerchiefs up sleeves.

81, Human in well-worn, travel suitable version of a distant court's livery. Corpse has already been ransacked, and has no items of monetary value or weapons. His or her satchel has been upturned, and there are 1D4 letters, marked with first names or initials, destined for notable figures in the next nearest human kingdom strewn around it.

82, A skinny young man with close-cropped, light brown hair and greyish blue eyes, stripped of everything but his underwear and a leather cord necklace with a leather tag on it that says "Ben of ."

83, Human boy, age 13-15, silver dagger through heart, otherwise unharmed. enlarged canines, gray hair, unusual down on back of neck.

84, Young human wearing a life like demon costume. His right hand grips an amulet with a faded photo of a young maiden (100sp). His left clutches a half-eaten long rotted blt. The tag on the neck says "property of Rosco the Magnifico".

85, Loyal alsatian with a bottle of brandy in his teeth, matted with the blood of bandits

86, Half-elf woman. Charring on hands and mouth. Herbalism kit. Hunting knife. Short bow and 4 arrows. Five pieces of silver. 

87, A pirate who seems to have been bludgeoned to death with her own peg leg. In the hollow of the leg is the location of a treasure ship she sunk but could not savage due to rough seas.

88, An agnostic high priest adorned with 3d100gp worth of adornments. He grasps a wizard's spellbook with 1d6+5 spells of d10-2 levels each.

89, The singed body of an alchemist, wide-eyed with surprise, a broken beaker in each hand. The dead alchemist wears clothing appropriate to the profession, with pockets containing 250 gold pieces worth of alchemical supplies, including a potion belt able to hold 10 vials. 1d6+2 of them each holds a random mundane substance.

90, Pale sutler in a crumpled heap, stripped of all worldly possessions but tattered hose, bearing a contagion of terrible virulence.

91, A dead wizard and her 90% complete flesh golem. All it needs is a heart and the right words.

92, A termite mound raised over the pulped body of a dryad. Snacking on a bowl of termites - fried or roasted tastes best - confers barkskin for d4 hours.

93, Large human. Hands manacled together. Spear through side. Inside mouth is a bitten off ear. Inside stomach is a finger with a ring worth 2,000 gold and other body parts. Soon you will meet someone missing an ear and a finger and some other stuff.

94, One vertical half of a wizard with coins in their purse stamped with the adult face and name of a nearby nation's recently announced royal newborn.

95, Woman in a pit trap carrying a cage full of tagged mice, still living, along with notes on exactly which experiments were performed on which mice..

96, Replaces the next three results you would roll on this table: Garroted corpse resembling a random PC in broad but distinctive ways; hair/eye/skin color; social standing, gender, species, occupation etc. Pick a few, but each corpse bears all of these resemblances. PCs not matching this description are in no danger.

97, Nine eyeless weremice in a rat race trap holding brief and short cases of papers covered in arcane symbols. 

98, Body of a barefoot gnome in a drab nightgown and nightcap. Clutching a candlestick and a shoe. The letters 'WWW' are embroidered on the nightgown.

99, A message-bearer in livery: shot. The bad news lays in ashes but the body wears a satchel containing d4 more scrolls (50/50 chance good news or bad news about something on your hex or city map).

100, The burnt and body of a woman in rags, emitting a sulfurous odor.Next to her is a bag with 7 pairs of socks, apparently made of hair, and 2 gold, 3 silver and 5 copper.
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