Tuesday, May 9, 2017

D4 Dungeon Jerks With Weird Treasure

1. Othiqqa Abbefesque Welles-Weaning, an unscrupulous vendor of spirits, seeking to acquire the rare rum of Eliator in bulk saleable quantity and they heard someone down here knew how to get there. Accompanied by bodyguards--two 3rd level fighters and one thief/scout with backstab x3. In the Maze of the Blue Medusa, the Bondye Reparee or however they're fucking spelled are onto them as non-numinous beings and will kill them on sight. Such agents are the equivalent of Rogue Traders in 40k--their liquor licenses and credentials are worth 3,000gp in Vornheim. She will also pay twice normal prices for any unusual liquor the PCs bring her.

2. Cormorris Rill, umbramancer. Weary, bent, he of the tattooed skull and grey monocle. 6th level wizard specializing in illusion magic and shadow-themed negative energy type stuff. He seeks to enslave the various shadow creatures of the dungeon, and to steal strange artificial light sources for his experiments. Along with him: a hypnotized chameleon woman guide and a vicious wardog named Spit.  Carries a vial of liquid shadow and a map showing the location of every room and door within 200' of wherever he's encountered.
3. Rolling spore: An organic fungoid sphere 5' across with cold, pink and velvety skin. It emits a peachy aroma that inebriates anyone failing a save for 5 minutes. Slicing it open (20 hp, AC as leather) spills wretched monster-attracting goo on everything (roll 3 encounter checks now) and reveals its heart which can be used to grow 4 more.
4. Poorly-animated backpack moving spiderwise on tethered weapons (longsword, shortsword, climbing axe, staff) while still attached to and dragging around a lifeless corpse. The disturbing result of a falling-out between a sorcerer and her hired retainer. The assortment can attack with one weapon at a time (whichever one isn't being used as a "leg"). Following the drag marks and blood trail back leads to a few more of them and the entire party's loot--6 people worth of gear plus a spellbook containing 4 unique spells levels 1-4, 1800gp in gems, rings, holy symbols, and other typical adventurer tat. The sorcerer has one Sleep spell in her before she dies. Or maybe a Fireball. If the party doesn't trace the thing back immediately to its lair, the smell attracts more monsters.

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