Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Maze of the Blue Medusa Available

This is probably my most D&Dish painting. You can now order a print of it here.

It's designed so it can actually be keyed and used as a map

You can also get it as a throw pillow or a shower curtain or a bunch of other things.


  1. Goddamn do I wish I had more disposable income right now.

    Mark my words, it will be mine. Soonish.

  2. Ordered my duvet cover yesterday. This is too good to not be printed large. Awesome piece Zak, thanks for making it available.

  3. What an amazing piece. Imagine each of the images as the key to an area in a dungeon.

  4. Oh, forgot to ask: What are the physical dimensions of the original work?

  5. Thanks, Zak. There are so many options: poster, acrylic print, archival matte paper, watercolor paper, etc. I am ignorant of such things. If I wanted to purchase the Blue Medusa such that my copy looked as close as possible to your original, which format would you suggest?

    1. "Picture rag" probably, in the largest format they'll give you.