Sunday, January 1, 2012

Games I Ran In 2011

By location, just the LA group:

Not that you care, but I just discovered the pie chart maker. Just marking time until I decide if there's any point to using one to make a drop-die chart.


  1. What I gather from this--and this is using my super power of synthensis--is that you should spend 2012 running adventures on islands...wait for it...made of ice.

    Seriously though I wish I kept better records and could tell you definitively where in my campaign worlds the sessions took place overall.

  2. I just back-figured it using AP stuff on the blog

  3. How often do you run a session, Zak? Weekly? Several times a week? Just curious...

  4. Did you ever have a post where you talked in any detail about the Fortress of Crows? I remember seeing it on a map you drew, but that's all I could find.

  5. -david pretty

    i run once a week when everything is going smooth

    -welcome to dungeoness crab legs

    there is a bit--it should be chronologically near the entry with the map

  6. Jealous. I'm lucky to get my divergent-assed posse together once per quarter.