Friday, September 30, 2011

Tekumelly Cards, Monsters, Dungeon, Secret Bible Facts

I thought these were pretty Tekumelly.

Soviet-made Mayan-themed playing cards. Check it.

Acquire some as the engine for your arty, mega-immersive, Petal-Throne game.

Which reminds me--here's an old picture I did, drawings of sculptures from the Met museum. (Then I contact-printed the drawings to make them look like that--if any of you have done any chemical darkroom photography then you might know what that means.) Parts of it might do double-duty as a travellers' notebook...

Here's a dungeon I'm making which will also be a painting...And, lastly, some fruits of my recent research...
LEFT: Noah from the book of Genesis, Right: Vlad the Impaler.


  1. And more recently, Frank Zappa:

  2. I can't imagine the girls playing in a Tekumel game..Well, maybe I mean KK.