Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Prolix Spheres

The Brides cultivate them, and keep them in vats.

The vats are round and wider than a well, 7-10 feet across, waist high, thickly steaming.

The spheres themselves float in clusters, half-submerged in a liquid the green of green tea that almost reaches the rim.

The spheres range from grapefruit to cantaloupe size, are a fleshy grey, and are covered in mouths the size of ordinary human mouths.

Each mouth spend its days whispering all the sins of some specific someone somewhere. Patiently and continuously.

It is said the Brides have a filing system.


  1. Nice. Your stuff always seems properly fantastical in the best possible sense.

  2. "This one just keeps saying 'Iamyamyamyamyamyamyamyam...'"

    "Damn it, another Buddhist."

  3. Is that why That Guy in his Lair started beheading the brides and filing them away? Did they find something he couldn't let them know?

  4. This sort of thing seems like it would unbalance a game, but wouldn't. It's this sort of trick that makes your work unique.