Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Now This Is A Random Adventure Generator

There has been much discussion this week about random adventure-name generators.

Well I hate to say it, but you've been totally scooped.

Not only does this site generate the (completely awesome) name of your module, it generates the name of the Big Bad and the names of all the chapters.

If you don't want to enter the Temple of the Blind Ghoul to steal the Collar of the Poisoner from the Wizard of Failure you don't deserve to own dice.

Also-rans from other sites...
Assassinated By Vampire In The Bloodbath
Song from the Hideous Dimension of the Rancid Steel Witch
Song from the Frozen Planet of the Demonic Zombie Clone


  1. Oh, man!

    Stalwart Hand: Hounds Of The False Candle

    1. Song Of Mutilation
    2. Brutal Pit
    3. We Are The Abysmal
    4. Ill-Fated Youth
    5. Disintegrator Of Ecstacy
    6. Chariot Of Disaster

  2. Incineratifier: Blade Of The Malefactor

    1. The Wraith Of Delight
    2. Rage Master
    3. Sin Unending
    4. Mangled Hope
    5. Lies And Perversion
    6. Metal Sadness
    7. Symbol Of Corruption
    8. Impotent Solace
    9. Unhallowing The Church

    That is totally Wicked! :)

  3. Totally scooped, as I was with this beauty too: http://my-retrospace.blogspot.com/2011/09/retrospace-gets-deep-with-random-word.html

    Who needs poets when computers can crank this shit out?

  4. Note track #9

    13 Levels Of Sacrifice: Exhilarated Suicide

    1982 - Malicious Records (MALI28910)

    1. Death By Consolation
    2. 21% Hitler
    3. I, The God
    4. Assaulter's Hope
    5. Between Triumph And Desolation
    6. Pagan Hand
    7. Epic Aggression
    8. Inside The Cavern Of Corruption
    9. Eternal Metal Campaign

  5. Hedonistic War: Abomination Whore

    1997 - Marchosias Records (MARC74500)
    Behind The Veil Of The Innocent
    Temple Of Grim Salvation
    Underling Of Degeneracy
    Putrefaction Of Thy Clarity
    The Night He Bled
    Impaled By Azazel Upon The Altar Stone Of Justice
    King Metal
    Depression And Depravity
    Suicide By Euphoria

    Wow, that is too good, Hedonistic War: Abomination Whore. The rhyming!

  6. It is Awesome that you find my generator Awesome!
    I've seen it suggested as a campaign/module name generator before, so apparently my DMing days are showing :)

    The Metallizer