Friday, July 8, 2011

D6 Cluster Table: Home That A Villain's Just Fled Into...

Here's an example I rigged up for this building-generator method.

Random house that a villain just ran into...

Out-facing numbers (exterior of the house):

3-Locked door
4-Locked window
5-Second-floor window
6-Second-floor locked window

(Lowest outfacing number is a door if neither a 1 or 2 has been rolled.)

Up-facing numbers (Type of room)

3-Dining room
5-Living room/parlor/common room

Interior numbers (start with the first room and move out from there. Each combination describes what is in the next room in that direction.)

1-1 Locked door--empty room
1-2 Locked door--empty room
1-3 No door--empty room
1-4 No door--empty room
1-5 Door--empty room
1-6 Door-empty room
2-2 Villain with ambush prepared. Will attack first PC through door
2-3 d4 NPCs who live there, unaware of intruder
2-4 d4 NPCs who live there, heard but did not see intruder
2-5 NPC who lives there, saw intruder and is hiding
2-6 NPC who ambushes PCs, thinking they're burglars
3-3 NPC just killed by fleeing villain
3-4 Barking dog
3-5 Slippery carpet on hardwood floor-- dex check/save or fall. Villain may then attack.
3-6 Villain went this way--pieces of broken glass everywhere, act as caltrops
4-4 Locked door, Villain behind it
4-5 Locked door, cowering homeowner behind it
4-6 Door hastily rigged shut by villain
5-5 Villain with ambush prepared. Will attack first PC through door
5-6 Heavy furnished shoved in front of door to impede PCs
6-6 Villain's set room on fire as obstacle

(Is it possible the villain isn't in the building once the PCs get there? Sure.)


Miaowara said...

Nice lists.

I use a Rubik's cube as a randomizer sometimes, substituting colors and/or number of squares for whatever is needed, i.e. hit dice, points of damage, number of potions, etc. It is even great for random dungeon mapping, but that is another post sometime.

Staples said...

Very cool! Thanks!