Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ConstantCon 2011 Starts Now

1. We are going to play a Google + game at midnight tonight (July 26th, no wait now it's the 27th--that is, very soon) (ADDENDUM: just finished it). Come play with us. If you don't know what a Google + game is and why it will revolutionize the hobby, look at his last post.

2. Hack Vornheim contest is closing in about 24 hrs.

3. If you are interested in DMing a Google + game this week with other people who read this blog please leave your pitch in the comments below. Include this information:


Time (describe the time you're available using at least one western hemisphere and one eastern hemisphere time zone so peeps can figure out whether they're around).



Do we need to bring anything? (like, say, a 3rd level character) and anything else you think might make your pitch intriguing--setting, etc.)(if your ruleset is unusual, it may be best to tell everybody to just show up with stats, a race and a class and smooth out the specifics once the game starts rolling.)

Contact info: Please include a way people can contact you other than Google + so that you can tell who they are when they request you and you can discuss details if they're not already one of your G+ contacts. If your name is like "Jack Wilson" realize there's 200 of you on Google plus and you'll need to supply some alternate information if G+ users are looking for you. (I'm the Zak Smith with the black and white picture and the asymmetrical haircut).


Skooky McDungeonface will be DMing a Red Box game in Greyhawk at 1pm Italian time/4 am Pacific time next Tuesday. Bring a 4th level PC and she can be reached under the name Skooky dawt McDee at yahoo dawt calm.

More tips and FAQ here.

I'll play pretty much whenever I'm awake since I can paint and play all day.

Check back with this thread or subscribe to it since, if we're lucky, people will post games all week.

4. Happy Birthday, Gary.

Calendar here (click "agenda" on the upper right for the most useful view) All these are given in Pacific Time because Google Calendar seems to only be able to give me one time zone.


  1. You and your blog would make Gygax proud.

  2. This sounds awesome.

    I (Humza Kazmi) will be running an AD&D game in my Legacy of the Bieth campaign setting at 10 PM EST/2 AM GMT on Friday, July 29. The setting aims for one part standard D&D tropes, one part spaghetti western, and one part post-apocalypse rebuilding. "When life meant little, death sometimes had its price. That was when the bounty killers appeared." Feel free to contact me at allandaros at gmail dot com.

    Level 3 characters, no halflings or gnomes.

  3. "I think this is a link to it."

    It is not.

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    Day - Monday, August 1st, 2011

    Start Time - 4:30 AM Chicago/6:30 PM Tokyo (Did I do that right? I'm a provincial yokel.)

    System(s) - Basic/Expert D&D/Labyrinth Lord/etc.

    Level - 1

    Everyone bring a first level halfling. Roll 3d6 in order. If you don't get a Dex 9 and a Con 9 you may swap stats to achieve those minimums. If you didn't roll two scores of at least 9 please cheat.
    Don't bother buying equipment, as you start without any, in the troll's stewpot.

    When speaking in character you are encouraged to use an outrageous French accent.

    This session will last no more than 2 hours.

    Contact info: jrients@gmail.com

  6. time to get myself a webcam, looks like.

  7. @allandaros

    I may be in on that if there's still room, depending on how my friday night goes


    I'm in

  8. Anybody up to try Tunnels & Trolls 7.5edition Sunday night? I've never played (or GM'ed) T&T before but I've had the boxed set burning a hole in my pocket for the last several months. I'll try to prep a Character Creation handout in the next few days. Likely just a good old fashioned dungeon crawl.

    Anybody who's interested can hit me up, I'm Capheind on Gmail.com, also http://www.goplus.us/capheind will take you to my G+ page, and if you've already added me to your circles hit me up there.

  9. As far as time I was thinking
    07/31 Sunday
    7-9 Pacific
    10-midnight Eastern

  10. I want to run CoC, but I have no internet at home.

    Will update when situation changes (possibly this weekend). Email me if interested.

  11. @Allandaros -- Man, if my usual game hadn't been moved to Friday this week I would totally be in for that. Any chance you'll be doing it again some time? I've really been craving some Western-flavored action.

  12. Perhaps some Gigacrawler is in order? since many of us have helped contribute to that game. I'll see if I can come up with something unless someone else would like to DM. I'm already slated to run something this week otherwise I would do it for sure. On Google+ I'm Seth Schroeder, my picture is of a couple dressed in black and red.

  13. @Zak - Definitely still room, you're the first person to express interest. :)

    @Destrude - Sure! I try to set most of my D&D games in that setting, so if I ever run on G+ again (likely) it'll be set there. :)

  14. If anyone wants to play a 3.5e game, I'd like to run one on
    saturday 30 july
    GMT: 12:00
    PST: 04:00
    (I could also do GMT 19:00 and PST 11:00, if that's more convenient.)
    It will take around 2 hours. Create a level 2 character, roll 4d6 drop lowest for abilities, with equipment worth 300 gp. Characters are presumed to be already a group and are on the road from point A to point B, on the road Adventure happens.
    I can be contacted on bennetakkerman (at) hotmail (dot) com and can be found on google+ as Bennet Akkerman.

    I also might run a Gamma World game next week.

    @Allandaros and others: how do people feel about players lacking system familiarity? I've always wanted to play an older edition.


    I wouldn't worry about system unfamiliarity: just explain each mechanic as it comes up. takes 2 seconds.

    The only tough part is character generation if you're going from older edition to newer (more shit to remember). newer to older is a breeze.

  16. Speaking of system familiarity, I've only ever GM'd d20 Call of Cthulhu, and am now playing in an AD&D 4, and a Pathfinder campaign -- if I put together and adventure, is there a preferred system, or should I just pick what i'm comfortable with?

  17. @pfrd

    Run whatever you want, it's your convention, too! Run whatever you want, it's your convention, too!Run whatever you want, it's your convention, too!Run whatever you want, it's your convention, too!Run whatever you want, it's your convention, too!Run whatever you want, it's your convention, too!Run whatever you want, it's your convention, too!Run whatever you want, it's your convention, too!Run whatever you want, it's your convention, too!Run whatever you want, it's your convention, too!Run whatever you want, it's your convention, too!Run whatever you want, it's your convention, too!Run whatever you want, it's your convention, too!Run whatever you want, it's your convention, too!

  18. Huth, I have a camera, but no microphone. If getting sound coincides with you getting internet, I'd love to play.

    Since my gaming group is going their separate ways for the summer, I might run something in coming weeks, again depending on finding a decent microphone.

  19. Tony Love here,

    I'm your friendly neighborhood, poly-system GM. I have hundreds of systems and I can run pick-up, insta-sessions for nWod, Unknown Armies, Buffy/Angel, L5R, Supernatural, Fiasco, Hollowpoint, WFRP 2E, Cyberpunk 2020 and a ton of others.

    I'm the guy that does the big regular specific game circle list on G+ not just for kicks, but because I play or run most of those games and I own all but maybe three of them. Gamers have gotten lost in my walk-in closet of books and never returned. My PDFs are even more extensive.

    Hit me up for a game any time you see me on Google. My time zone is -6 GMT, ask for a game and you'll either have something ran instantly or with a two hour warning.

    As far as being a player, I'm a quick study. School me and I'm good to go whenever.

  20. @Cryiron

    While your offer to GM anything whenever is admirable and generous, it will make scheduling and coordinating a bitch. A lot of questions will have to go back and forth with a lot of people before you have a game.

    Would it be alright if I ask you to pick some game and pick a day and pick a time (or time range) just for this week?

  21. For those that hadn't heard of it, here's Unknown Armies in a nutshell:

    Unknown Armies is the roleplaying game of transcendental horror and furious action: Pulp Fiction meets Hellraiser.

    In Unknown Armies, players take the roles of movers and shakers in the occult underground, fighting a battle for the ultimate prize: ascension to a higher plane and a hand in creating the next incarnation of reality.

    Soon the cosmos will die and be reborn. Next time around, the world might be a terrible place -- or it could be a paradise. Someone gets to decide. Might as well be you. You could chart the course of reality itself, and make a new world in your image. You could be a god.

    The problem is, lots of people have the same idea. Magickal adepts duke is out with gun-toting enforcers and weirdos of every stripe. Clockwork humans and plodding golems slip through the cracks of society. Entropics eat your memories and spit them back at you with poison added. Fringe groups like the Sect of the Naked Goddess, Mak Attax, The True Order of Saint-Germain, and the New Inquisition have all set their sights on the coming apocalypse and put their ante on the table. The only people you can trust are your friends are yourself, and you're not always sure about yourself.

    It's a pulp apocalypse, and the players have front-row seats for the steel-cage death match of all eternity.

  22. everyone here who wants to play should create constantcon circles.

  23. ....(and not talk about their cat in them)

  24. @Jeff - if I can wake up for Halfling Stew, I'm in.

  25. Just a clarification, by "Can hit me up" I meant "Should hit me up". Right now I'm not sure if its just that nobody is interested, or that those who are interested think they should just pop in.

    So to post what I should have posted in the first place.

    First Level Tunnels & Trolls 7.5 edition.
    7pm Pacific 10:00pm Eastern Sunday July, 31st

    It should last 2 hours and you should contact me by at least Saturday to let me know your interested in playing.

    No experience necessary, I'll try to put together a Character generation Handout.

  26. I will be offering a 1st level Swords and Wizardry Core game. It will be based in old school Wilderlands, with a big dash of Carcosa. Everything else will be sandbox. The feel will be very sword and sorcery. I’m actually thinking of incorporating some ideas from the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG beta rules.

    I’m 42 and have been DMing since ’81, when I got into the hobby via the mishmash of B/X and AD&D1st. Within a few months, I was also running Traveller, and Top Secret. I loved trying new systems and genres, and bought/continue to buy many different RPGs.

    I fell out of love with AD&D around ’85 or so. Rolemaster soon became my go to fantasy system and remained so until ’07. Savage Worlds gets a lot of play from me now, but I’m really itching to get back to the old school

    In ’08 I stumbled across Labyrinth Lord, Swords and Wizardry, and the Old School Primer in one place. I soon found myself on the OD&D forums and completely entranced by everything about the OSR, and OD&D in particular. I printed off my own lbbs and eventually hunted down a sweet deal on a 5thprinting White Box with the supps.

    I am currently playing in three regular games. Every Monday evening I play in a D&D 4th campaign that is winding down a two year run (thank god. Every other Sat I play in a Pathfinder game using the Legends of Anglerre rules. Every other Friday I’m running a Top Secret game.

    For at least the next three weeks I will have time available in the early to mid afternoon Central Standard Time (Des Moines, Iowa USA) Tu-Th. Once school is back in session, I will be available from early evening (5:30pm ish) until 10pm.

    Quick question to other DMs – how are you handling die rolls? Anyone have a good on screen solution?

  27. If people are thinking about playing in my game tomorrow, there's more info here on Google+. I've got plenty of room!

    @arcadayn - I'm just going to let folks roll their own dice and tell me what they got. If they don't have dice, I'll roll for them.

  28. @arcadyn
    I'm probably down for tuesday if you can post a specific time.

  29. Hmmm encounter critical may be too numberific for chat gaming but maybe Ill run a Labyrinth Lord " prequel" game in the mighty Land of Vanth- Dome of the Sky Gods or something...

  30. @arcadayn - My gaming experience is very similar to yours and I love me some Top Secret. All over a S&W game you might run. Post a specific time.

  31. @arcadayn
    I've been looking to break into an OSR style D&Desque game so lvl 1 S&W is right up my alley. I'm a complete newbie but I've been reading for quite some time.

    Tues - Thu is good but I'm on the east coast and I work and commute so 7:30pm EST is probably the earliest I could start. That's a bit later than your start times for the next few weeks, but probably fits in with your school session availability.

  32. @ arcadayn

    I would enjoy playing a S&W game if you have room. I am good on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Later is a bit better, but certainly is not a deal breaker.

  33. we could start a ConstantcCon google group... those things are handy

  34. @darren


    Would that require basically just importing everyone who already reads this blog over to the group? I would like to keep the information public.

  35. @Cryiron

    I would give my firstborn child (were I stupid enough to have one) for a chance to play an Unknown Armies game that didn't suck.

    Unfortunately, if you left a way to contact you, I didn't see it.

    Can you drop me a line at lexia.jathi(at)gmail.com ? so that I can add you to my circle?

  36. Rolling Dice:

    There's a non-dragonsfoot non-registration dice roller here. You have to fiddle with some settings, so changing die type might be a pain, but otherwise it's easy to use.

    There's a simpler one here.

    Wizards have a pretty decent one here.

  37. Oh, none of the above are "secure", so if you have real dice handy, you may as well use those.

  38. I would love a G+ invite, if anyone is so inclined... adamjcasey on the G-mail.

  39. I still have room for saturday GMT 19:00 and PST 11:00. I can promise talking skulls, heartbroken wizards and halucinogenic mushrooms.

    @SirAllen an invite is send.

  40. How does someone get a Google+ invite, anyone have a spare?

  41. I am looking for an invite too. Eternal gratitude awaits you...

  42. Wow! Four guys already! I'm gonna cap it there, at least until I'm a little more comfortable with how this works.

    As I stated before, we will be using S&W core rules. The following rule options will be in effect:
    -Descending AC
    -Saving Throw Categories
    -Option 1 initiative except each PC and monster group rolls it's own init.
    -Weapon vs AC Mods

    We will start up at 1:30pm cst on Tu. Please email me a copy of your 1st level PC before then. My gee male handle is arcadayn44. Feel free to contact me with any questions!

  43. Ok, I was a little vague earlier. From Monday, August 1 until Friday, August 5, I'll run Unknown Armies when contacted on G+. My name is Tony Love, contact info is cryiron@gmail.com. I'm using/dinking around online somewhere on G+ in the background anytime between 10 am until midnight. It takes around 15 minutes to make a character, so look forward to being dumped into play quickly. (UA description is above).

    From August 8 until August 12, I'm up for a little Hollowpoint:

    Hollowpoint is a role-playing game that uses a novel engine to generate fast on-the-fly violent action at the drop of a hat, brought to you by the award-winning developers of Diaspora. It's ideally suited to a single evening's play and encourages regular character death because, hey, this shit's dangerous.

    Or Fiasco:

    Fiasco is a GM-less game for 3-5 players, designed to be played in a few hours with six-sided dice and no preparation. During a game you will engineer and play out stupid, disastrous situations, usually at the intersection of greed, fear, and lust. It's like making your own Coen brothers movie, in about the same amount of time it'd take to watch one.

    If you want to try any of those three games, hit me up.

  44. @ arcadayn I can't make that 1:30pm CST time slot at all so count me out :( I'd love to jump in if you do a later time when school starts up.

    @Cryiron glad you clarified because I'm totally up for any and all of those 3 games

    amirtouray at gee mail dot calm

  45. @cryiron

    10-am-midnight WHAT TIME ZONE?

  46. I have enough players to run a game now, still: the more, the merrier! (saturday, GMT 19:00 and PST 11:00)

    @Mighty Veil, @Tom, if you give me your email adresses, I probably can hit you up.

  47. @Zak

    Opps, 10 am to midnight, central time, -6 GMT. I'll get it all in there eventually! See, now it's a true con because I have to rewrite my slot summary.

  48. @Ben A.

    It's in my profile: TomTyburn at gmail


  49. @valiance - Lets see what the other guys' availability is. If we stick to the two hour limit, I have no problem starting as late as 3 or 4. I'll go with whatever time works for the majority of the players.

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. I'd like to play a few games and once I get my eye in run a game. Would some kind RPG/Zack loving soul please send me an invite (and not any viagra adverts, I have enough of those) to barsi {rat} rocketmail {Spot} com

  52. Proposal:

    DARK SUN! (Not the Type IV version, the original stuff)

    When? 2 weeks from now. (I'm travelling next week and need a bit of time to prepare)

    Where? G+ Hotspot No camera? That's fine.

    Time: Friday 12 Aug 8PM AST (+3 GMT)| 5PM GMT | 1PM EST

    Roll up 4 characters: One one side of a 3x5 note card roll 3d6, in order, pick a race you qualify for, pick a class you qualify for, roll HP for level 1, pick thee spells if you're a wizard, don't buy equipment. On the back, write down your racial abilities. Every thing else is as in LL+AEC with one exception noted below.

    Theives, use the Specialist class from LotFP (described here: http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/stonehell-and-its-surrounds/wikis/specialist-or-thief)

    Be prepared to have your characters die horribly. It's Dark Sun, not Fluffy Medieval Bunny Cuddling Time. Don't bother with back-stories - your back-story gets put together over the course of your first six levels. Right now you guys are nobodies who have done nothing of import except get yourselves captured by slavers.

    Contact: G+: Roger Burgess (Pip boy pic) +104810568712102362000

    roger dawt burgess dawt iii et gee male dawt cawm

  53. I just sent invites to Hawp, Mighty Veil, and Tom.

  54. @Ben A., @Allandaros,

    Thanks to both of you.

  55. Thank you to everyone who sent me an invite! Hopefully next weekend I can try out a game on G+ :-)

  56. Invite needed complaint...

  57. @Roger Burgess,

    Oh Hell Yes. I've never gotten to actually play Dark Sun -- just admire it from afar and read my old TSR books.

    I really like this idea. There are so many games gathering dust on my shelf right now. I'm sure there's someone out there who'd be up for some Empire of the Petal Throne, Pendragon, etc.

    But first, I need a Google + invite. Would someone be so good as to hook me up?

    emal: jduncan24601 at gee mail daht cawm.

  58. Adventurer Conqueror King starting now, which is to say 1 am New York / 10 pm Los Angeles, and running until 3 am NYC / 1 am LA. The PCs are potential hirelings of Fango, a fighting man who recently returned to Krakesborough with a red gem worth a thousand gold. Jaquays fans: yes it's OK if you've read the Dungeoneer Compendium and catch the reference. Visit http://www.autarch.co/character-builder/ for an email with your stats, then forward that to tavis@archon.co - this also being the non-Google+ way to get in touch with me, on Google+ as Tavis Allison.
    - Tavis

  59. @Anathematician, Valiance, and Wild Bill - I have a circle started, but I need you guys' google+ names to add you to it.

    Also, are you guys ok with a 3 or 4 o'clock start time instead of 1:30? Both Valiance and Anathematician mentioned later would work better for them.

    I sent Zak an email to verify his availability at a different time. However, since he was the first one to respond, I'll stick with whatever time works for him.

  60. @ arcadayn

    yetisamurai at gmail dot com and I am flexible.

  61. Ah hell, the Darksun game had to land on the one week I'm going to Las Vegas.

  62. @Capheind:

    It's not like I'm going to stop playing Dark Sun after next week! Hit me up on G+ bro.

    Word Verification: 'unflapp'. Serendipity at its finest.

  63. @Roger, Just added you, my real name is Troy.

    UPDATE: Since all the interest I've heard has been of the form "I'd love to play Tunnels & Trolls, just not Sunday" Consider it to be rescheduled, I'll post here when I've figured out when, so in the next few days.

  64. Can I please have an invite? I'll understand if that is not possible.

    But thanks in advance if you do!

    email: p_dragon500 at hawt male dat comb!

  65. @ arcadayn I appreciate the flexibility, but I can't even do 3 or 4. The earliest I could do during the week (M to F) would be 7 or 7:30 pm EST, which means 6 or 6:30 pm CST. It appears that time works for 3 weeks from now, when you're back in school, but not right now, unfortunately.

    @ Capheind I'd totally try TT on a weekend or after 7:30pm EST on a weekday.

    @Roger Burgess this darksun business sounds interesting, but I can't make the 1pm EST time. Maybe next time!

    contact info: amirtouray at gee male dot calm

  66. @ arcadayn

    What day are you playing again, and what time/timezone. If y need a player to fill in I'd love to.

    Crazyhart At gmail

  67. Is there any interest in a 7th Sea game? I'm willing to run one if so.

  68. @john

    from the FAQ:

    -Would anybody out there maybe possibly be interested if I ran a game of_____?

    Yes to whatever you were about to say. Pick a time and post it. If nobody else is interested, I am. I'll play anything once."

  69. from the FAQ:

    -Would anybody out there maybe possibly be interested if I ran a game of_____?

    Yes to whatever you were about to say. Pick a time and post it. If nobody else is interested, I am. I'll play anything once."

    Given that, are there any games you haven't played and are especially interested in trying? (Not just Zak, whoever.)

  70. @hartful - We'll be starting 4:00pm cst on Tu. So far, I have Zak and Anathematician confirmed. Daliance is on hold for a few weeks and WildBill hasn't responded for a while. You'll find my email posted above. Just shoot me your google+ name.

  71. If anyone's interested in playing a pickup game of (loosely) 1st Edition AD&D in a murky vintage (or, if you prefer, "retro-stupid") dungeon from my younger days starting anytime from about now to about an hour from now (12 Midnight EST/9PM PST/4AM London) for about two hours, contact me at ColeConstantCon (at) (gmail).

    Same offer goes for tomorrow. Nothing elaborate, but I'd like to try the Constant-Con out. I'll provide pregen characters.

  72. @Welcome to Dungeon
    I'd be interested, let me know if its happening.

    crazyhart at gmail

  73. @welcome to dungeon-- how can I find you on G+?

  74. @ Jeremy Duncan

    Drop me an email at ColeConstantCon (at) (gmail) and I'll get you the info.

  75. Just finished Jeff's "Get in the Stewpot", had a great time. Thanks to Jeff, the other players and to Zak for kicking this off!

  76. I'm going to be running another Legacy of the Bieth session (see above in comments) on Saturday August 13 at 9 PM EST/1 AM GMT.

    Same business as above, level 3 characters, no halflings or gnomes and all that. For further details, you can check this out, the setting map is on the blog also, but really, you can just hop in and go.

  77. @allandaros

    theoretically in.

    the 13th is a saturday, right?


    my time zone converter shows 1am GMT= 9pm (=6pm PST) EST but my google calendar shows 6pm PST as = to 2am GMT

    What gives?

  78. @Zak - yup, 13th is a Saturday. I know that weeknights are likely more convenient for folks, but I can't run on those until September rolls around.

  79. Running another pickup game of the advertised "(loosely) 1st Edition AD&D in a murky vintage (or, if you prefer, "retro-stupid") dungeon"starting about an hour from now (12 Midnight EST/9PM PST/4AM London) for about two hours; If anyone else wants to join up, contact me at ColeConstantCon (at) (gmail). Thanks.

  80. I am in Cole ConstantCon 's hangout playing AD&D with him and Antion anybody else want in?

  81. @Cole

    Thanks for running the game. That was a blast.

  82. @Allandaros - emailing and keen for Bieth thing.

  83. You know what there needs to be? Some sort of group mechanism on + that we can all just join and we can use that mechanism to advertise hangouts or something something.

    All of us having to add all of us individually seems counter intuitive.


  84. @Zak. Does the time zone converter you're using factor in daylight savings?

    I'm looking to run a 7th Sea campaign/story setting this Friday at 8pm Central, or Saturday at 10PM Central.

    If you're interested in playing comment on this Google+ post and add the people there to your circles.



  85. @Cole

    Thanks for running the game. That was a blast.

    Hey, thanks for playing, guys!

  86. Zak, I like all the energy you're putting into this Google+ "Constantcon" idea. As I just commented over at Grognardia, if enough people get on board, I think something like this could really hit critical mass and revolutionize the hobby. It could be a virtual recreation of the free-wheeling good ole days in high school when us gamers used to gather in empty classrooms for spur-of-the moment RPG pick-up sessions. Certainly feels more Old School than the scheduled biweekly meetings most of us old-timers have to settle for.

    Anyway, I'm still waiting for someone to announce a game that fits my schedule...

    'til then, could someone kindly send me a G+ invite... laowai1965 (at) gmail.


  87. @Jeremy Duncan

    Thank you, sir!

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