Sunday, October 31, 2010

Things You Can Do With One Hand And A Blog...

In glamorous Hollywood news, Mandy's terribly ill and I've done nothing nonmedical all Halloween weekend except play 2 (losing) games of Small World* with the "I Hit It With My Axe" cameraman.

However, despite my left hand being completely occupied with patting Mandy on the head continuously and saying "there there" for 6 hours, I have managed to throw together this...

One Handed Blog Entry

Here's a a digital drawing I made with one hand on MacPreview (which has no "draw" feature)...

Here's a picture of Brainiac I googled that inspired the color scheme...

Here's another random picture of Brainiac...

Here's an RPG relevant thought...evil wizard casts some spell of annoyance which means the player has to do everything left-handed (roll dice etc.) or no-handed. Did telecanter already think that up?


Oh, here's a better picture of the big labyrinth drawing from my show (click to enlarge).

Resuming regular service sometime in the future.

*Customers Who Bought This Product Also Enjoy: Math.


  1. Oh, suckage. I hope she feels better soon, Zak. Give her my best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  2. Indeed. Feel better Mandy.
    And we big boys and girls will patiently await Zak's next blog update after important stuff is properly taken care of.

  3. Get well soon Mandy!
    Stop complaining about maths, Zak!

  4. I hope Mandy is feeling better.

    That labyrinth is really something!

  5. Adding my well wishing to the pot. Feel better, Mandy! Also, BRAINIAC. Oh sweet Brainiac. Anyhow; back to my NaNoWriMoing.

  6. Sending positive energy and get well wishes to Mandy while I stare in awe at that labyrinth image. Great Googley Moogley!

    I also really like the one handed pink drawing and the random references to Brainiac.

    All in all a pretty good post.

    Feel better Mandy!

  7. I hope Mandy is feeling better soon, until then, keep your chin up old bean.

    Oh and that Labyrinth picture is fantastic.

  8. I hope Mandy doesn't get well soon.

    (That was spoken in Goblin, of course)

  9. I think I'm loving that one handed idea. I think I'll be using that on my players sometime soon.

  10. On the one hand idea --

    I once had a bard that, between a time-stopping artifact and a wand of acid arrow, removed a a Balor's hand (that was holding my character).

    When the time stop wore off, I was wandering around with the Balor's left hand still clutched around MY left hand. He tracked me down pulled my puny Bard's hand off.

    For the next few sessions, my left-handed bard was completely inept. To play this out, my DM had me do all actions without my left hand. It was quite amusing.

  11. You want a really annoying spell for dedicated gamers? Just make up a curse that requires the victim to only roll dice of a particular color.

  12. Brainiac is sweet (I like the band better than the character though)

    but the idea of somehow making the players roll with their left hands is brilliant! I'm gonna do that in my Heroes campaign. and probably in my upcoming Palladium Fantasy campaign too!

  13. Get well soon Mandy!

    Love the labyrinth picture but there's so much detail work I'm frustrated even by the larger size. Moar biggar plz!

    FWIW, I'd pay money for a print if that's ever anything you're considering.