Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Just Now Realized I've Always Thought This Without Articulating It...

Old D&D = DC

New D&D = Marvel


  1. Wow... Somehow, and weird enough, I already knew it :o

  2. This.... this is going to take some time to absorb...

    *goes and sits in the corner*

  3. Hm. You are right. I've always liked Marvel and New D&D more.

  4. That's actually a rather good analogy.

  5. D&D Basic/Expert = Superfriends

  6. When you say DC I have to wonder what era we're talking here-- oh god, I'm over analyzing it-- but the High Fantasy of New DnD seems more Silver Age-- "Oh we just popped in to the Earth-2, I mean the Feywild..."-- whereas Old DnD's gritiness seems more in line with what I expect from Marvel.

    Regardless, my campaign is Kirby.

  7. I prefer Old D&D and Marvel. I must be confused.

  8. @marjasall
    I expected about 300 comment saying roughly that

  9. DC is a great big mess of ideas and tones and genres strung together by the thinnest threads of frayed continuity. It has much more in common with a sandbox full of toys than a world, so in that sense it reminds me of Zak's D&D.

    Marvel? It's more accessible, and consequently often much more boring.

  10. Old D&D is killing off all it's non-white legacy characters, too?

    I kid. I get what you mean here.

  11. I'm gonna have to go with:

    Old D&D = pre-CCA DC

    AD&D 2nd Edition = CCA Marvel

    New D&D = post-CCA Marvel

    Looking at it this way, I suddenly have a framework for understanding the insidious appeal D&D 4e has for me.

    Thanks, Zak.


  12. #2 of 300. No reason we can't be civil.

  13. Wait...what's Image equivalent to? Storyteller? 3E? 4E?

    Oooh and Dark Horse! Who's Dark Horse?

  14. @Tom
    Image is obviously some kind of fantasy heartbreaker.

    Dark Horse is a grab bag of vastly varying levels of quality kept afloat by licensed properties, so: Palladium? Mayfair? Chaosium?

  15. OD&D = Jack Kirby and Joe Simon

    AD&D = Barry Windsor-Smith run on Conan

    AD&D 2nd ed. = Valiant Comics

    3.x D&D = Image Comics

    4e D&D = Brand New Day Spidey

  16. OD&D = Archie Comics

    I haven't kept up on comics for awhile... the only stuff I collect is Knights of the Dinner Table and Groo the Wanderer.

    So where does Rolemaster fall into it?

  17. I would have said that DC is equivalent to all those grunky arcane miniature and naval wargames which bequeathed their mechanics to D&D, early D&D is Marvel (they swiped half the art from Doctor Strange after all), and D&D3 is Image, and D&D4 is Tokyopop.

  18. OD&D I can see being DC , new D&D (being 1e and beyond) could be Marvel.

    DC is ridiculous in their what we would call "unbalanced" while 1e and 2e trying to keep things in the same scale.

    A 0e D&D party could be the superfriends with batman and superman togethor..

    College Humour had a rather apt problem with that:

    Part 2:

  19. Now for the really hard part.
    Given that your home game is part 1E (DC)/ and part 3.5E (Marvel), what comic/publisher best expresses it?

    Or would it be the...interesting Marvel/DC crossover battle comics from a while back?

  20. @kelvingreen: That's a good point, that the OD&D LBBs literally stole Marvel art for their graphic sensibility.

  21. #3. Old D&D and Marvel. 4-eva

  22. I would go more

    OD&D = Batman
    4E = Xmen

    but maybe that's just my opinion. My OD&D characters are just people with training, equipment, and some support staff.

    4E is all about powers and abilities and larger than life epic heroes with elaborate pre-game story lines.