Friday, July 3, 2020

This Whole Cheesy Place

Here for the first time is the whole map of Broceliande, the knights-and-faeries part of Cube World:
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As I may have mentioned before, it's based on a cheese map of France.

If you zoom in you can see the encounter tables:

The monster lit is bottom left, the landscapes for encounters are top right, and the town generator is at the bottom of this post.

If you like the look of it, the new Cube World (#18) is set entirely there:

Prison-Pyramid of the Vast Maggot and other sources of unnecessary conflict includes...

-The ​Pyramide du Poitou​ gives its name to both this module and the elven barony it occupies. A terrifying twenty-room dungeon-prison for some of the most deadly foes of the Church of Vorn--grim gray god of iron, rust, and rain. The Pyramide is mapped out and the area around it is sketched. Bonus: the Vornic rune alphabet.

-The ​Time Thieves ​are an awful, level-draining pain-in-the-ass mutant NPC party who’ve set up shop in an abandoned fairground within GĂ©rome, a chaotic barony beset by invaders from all sides.

-Like the Pyramide, ​St Paulin Priory​ also lends it name to the area around it. Among the dangers lurking in the ruins of the once proud barony is a mad monk who’s attempted to transform his fellow anchorites into “angels”. It didn’t work of course and now they’re horrible. Even for this place, which has Violet Leopard Orchids.

-Hrothgar Grasp​ and his sorcerous pack-apes roam the wastes of southern Broceliande in search of knowledge. A legendary wizard, not to be trifled with casually and a challenge for very clever players only. Even his monkeys can disintegrate you.

-The Duc de la Rouchefoucauld ​will, at least, only fight you if you ask him to. The bad news is he’s good at it--among the most renowned duellists in Broceliande. The other bad news is he’ll turn you into a fish if he wins. It does mean this module includes duelling rules, though. And fish that once were warriors.

-Vast Shrike Crossing ​is (finally) an adventure suitable for low-level parties. Smart ones anyway. Stupid ones will find themselves blundering into four 6hd monsters all at once and probably, let’s face it, crying. After fighting goblins. And bandits. Ok maybe it’s a mid-level adventure? They’ll be fine, I’m sure.

17 page pdf plus maps and treasure tables

10$ / 12$ on OnlyFans

Email me: zakzsmith AT hawtmayle if you don't already know how to order.


GCM said...


Probably you talked about previously but I don't find the information: will you do a POD version of Cube World (on Drive Thru or...)?

GCM (Primitive Elve)

Zak Sabbath said...


Steve Wieck of DriveThruRPG has banned me.

POD seems like a pointless half-measure: more work for me, more expensive for fans, but the final product isn't as good or useful as a real book.

If 100 fans all say they want it, I might consider it, but most fans are scared to even post a review. Until they are more aggressive in spreading the word, it doesn't make sense to put in more time and energy.

GCM said...

I want it.

What I see from Cube World is very nice, no: beautiful. It would be cool to have this on dead wood.

Zak Sabbath said...


Then go here:
and here
and here
and here

...and everywhere else people talk about games and tell people that.

Mordenkainendogpissbeer said...

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