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Some New 2nd Level Spells for 5e D&D or Whatever

Crowdsourced using this thread on Google+. These versions have been edited and sometimes altered. If you aren't in my Google+ circles and want to be just email zakzsmith AT hawtmayle or send me a G+ message asking to be added to my RPG circles--include a link to your Google + page or I will have no idea how to add you. 

Adamant Grip
2/rnds level duration, end as a free action
One handheld item
No save

For the duration 1 handheld item may not be removed from your grip unless you expressly choose to end the effect as a free action. It is held by a kind of magical magnetism, a kinship beyond physical, and functions like a part of your body. If it is a tool or weapon you double your proficiency bonus in its use. If it is a consumable item it will not spoil, shatter, or otherwise ruin in your grip. If it is a shield you may add your shield bonus to your saves. If it is another mundane item or valuable the item will remain in your possession, intact, until you release it, even a string of pearls with a golem tugging on it. If you are magically petrified the item will not be petrified like the rest of your gear.

Dispel magic can override the effect, someone can Command or Charm you into releasing your grip, other magical exceptions apply. Otherwise even great force pulling on the object will be like pulling on your arm, so you can be thrown around by it and ripping the item free would do as much damage as ripping your hand off. 

The item has to be something your character can lift with one hand without becoming encumbered. So you can't attach yourself to an orc or a horse or a cart but you could attach yourself to your magical staff or the reins of your horse and stuff. You can use it to attach yourself to a line (like rope or chain) but it only secures your current handhold, so it's best for stopping falls and such.

I guess you can cast it at higher levels to extend the duration or add +1 to any of the described effects but not both.

Arcane Confluence
Range: Special
Target: Two memorized spells
Duration: Special
Casting Time: 1 round

The caster chooses two different memorized spells that will be cast simultaneously in the next round. It becomes effectively a single spell with the worst/lowest duration, area of effect, number of targets of the two spells. If the spells have two different saving throws, the receiver may choose which save to use.

Corpse Mirror
Range: touch
Area of Effect: 1 mirror
You reach into a mirror and pull out a corpse that looks exactly like you. If anyone uses speak with dead on it, it says the opposite of whatever you would say.

Fragile Egg
Druid, Witch
Casting Time 10 minutes
Range 0
A of Effect-One hollow egg
Duration 2 hours / caster level

This spell creates a hidden space inside a hollowed-out egg, which can hold up to 30 lbs or 3 cubic ft. of material.

The item can be made from the egg of any creature which has previously been carefully emptied and painted with appropriate magical sigils. At the end of the Casting Time the caster places the item(s) desired into the shell.

The caster may not remove any item without breaking the Egg and dispelling the magic. Only non-living, unenchanted items may be stored within, and while there no time passes for them. This allows the storage of cooked food, lit flames and volatile liquids.

The result weighs no more than a normal unhatched egg, and is just as fragile.

When the spell duration runs out, if the Fragile Egg is shattered or the magic Dispelled, everything that was stored inside instantly hatches out. On occasion there may also be found small traces of rich soil and leaves, for reasons unknown.

Range: 50'
Area of Effect: object/creature
Make an attack roll against a target creature. They make an attack roll, and if they beat your attack roll, they knock the ganonball back at you. This process repeats until someone fails to beat the previous attack roll, and they get hit in the face with the ganonball, which does d6 for each attack roll made.

I Am You, And You Are She
Wizard, Witch
10 minute duration
30 ft radius sphere
CHA save if aware of spell

Caster randomly swaps around the faces of every living thing (including self) within a 30 ft radius--must be at least 3 creatures. This includes animals. 1 in 20 chance  of gaining some permanent feature of the face briefly worn.

Invisible Candle
Witch, Druid
Range: touch
Area of Effect: you
Duration: 1 round/level of caster
If you hold a light source, its light becomes invisible to anyone except you.

Mortification of the Flesh
Cleric, Witch
Target: Caster

The caster asks his or her God to grant a spell from the cleric's spell list that (s)he is able to cast. To do so, the cleric must flog him/herself. For each d8 of inflicted damage, there is a cumulative 10% chance that the spell will be granted--maximum of 60%. The number of d8's must be chosen before rolling.

Mouse Time
Range: 10'
Area of Effect: 1 willing creature for every caster level
Reagent: 1 mouse per target, held by you
Duration: 1 round/level of caster
You shrink to mouse size, and the mouse grows to your size. This spell also works on things that are merely mouse-sized.

Precarious Haggling
Wizard, Witch
Range: One object
Duration: 24 hours

The (gp) price of target object is halved, but an additional cost is to be paid as determined by a random roll on a goblin market price list table ( eg. the one on Zak's blog: ).
The object must be purchased within the next 24 hours or the seller will never sell anything to the caster anymore.

Safe Escape
Duration: instantaneous
Range: caster
Save: none

Teleports the caster 1d1000 feet in a random direction. If this makes the caster appear within something solid they will instead appear within the nearest bit of open space. May result in the caster suffering significant falling damage.

Skein of Fate
Range: Line of sight
Area of Effect: 1 creature

Caster roll 2d20--those will be the target creature's next two d20 rolls. Caster doesn't have to tell the target the results if they don't want to.

Staring Contest
Range: 50'
Target: 1 creature

A target who meets your gaze must make a save. If they fail, pause the game. You fight the target in a side-combat, 1-on-1. The side-combat takes place inside a spherical room 30' in diameter (located inside your eye). The side-combat ends when someone is reduced to 0 HP. The loser immediately passes out for 1d6 minutes. Damage taken inside the side-combat does not carry over into the real world, but non-bodily effects do (such as insanity, curses, etc).

Till Death Do Us Part
Range: Line of sight
Target: One creature
Duration: One minute

Target creature and the caster are linked by a magical bond and cannot move away from each other beyond the distance during the spell. The only natural way to disperse the bond is by the death of either one.

Transpose Person
Range: 10'/ (At 4th level: line of sight)
Area of Effect: two creatures

Caster and target creature of human-size switch places.

Witch, Druid
You turn into a common local animal for 10 minutes. You do not have any control over the creature for the duration. It will behave as a normal creature would.

Wandering Eye 
Duration: 10 minutes (Concentration)
Range: Touch
Save: None
Components: V,S,M (two small marbles)

The caster's eyeballs and marbles switch places for the duration of the spell. The caster can continue to see out of the eyeballs but not out of the marbles. Each eyeball has 1 HP and AC 8. If the eyeball were to be destroyed, it returns without ill effect to the caster's eye socket.


Ian said...

I got a chuckle out of Ganonball, did you come with that?

Dungeon Smash said...

i love the uncontrolled blink spell, makes a lot of sense. there's really no translocational magic below a certain level, but this makes a lot of sense and is totally palatable. perhaps there could be a level 1 spell that teleports you 10d4 feet in a random direction, for those times when a wizard finds herself in unwonted melee or the midst of an ongoing area affect spell.

i think adamant grip may be a little underpowered/undesirable as a level 2 spell. i would perhaps make it castable as an instantaneous interrupt, to make it possible to grab onto a rope or something as you're falling.

josh said...

dope spells. that corpse mirror is frikken genius.

McCabre said...

Ganonball is the traditional name for the tennis match with Ganondorf in OoT. I think it's in other titles too.

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Hi, Zak.
My name is Paula and I like your blog a lot. I wanted to ask for your permission to translate your posts about Art history for RPG players from about two years ago into Russian and publish them on my blog — with links to your blog of course. Not every rpg player in Russia speaks English, and I think that your posts could do a lot of good for the community.

Zak Sabbath said...

email me zakzsmith AT hawtmayle dawt calm