Friday, February 13, 2015

Viking Amazons of the Metal North

"A witch dwells to the east of Midgard, in the forest called Ironwood: in that wood dwell the troll-women, who are known as Ironwood-Women. The old witch bears many giants for sons, and all in the shape of wolves; and from this source are these wolves sprung. The saying runs thus: from this race shall come one that shall be mightiest of all, he that is named Moon-Hound; he shall be filled with the flesh of all those men that die, and he shall swallow the moon."
-The Gylfaginning, Snorri Sturluson

From my search history today...
-Gray wolf#Behavior
-Canis lupus
-Wolf reintroduction
-Eurasian wolf
-Arctic wolf
-Nominate subspecies
-Canis lupus albus
-Subspecies of Canis lupus
-Tundra wolf
-Gray wolf#Subspeciation
-Gray wolf
-Angelica archangelica
-Garden Angelica
-Abortion in Norway
-Mentha pulegium
-Anise seed
-Acorus calamus
-Mugwort#Medieval Europe
-Artemisia absinthium
-Self-induced abortion
-Darkthrone#Change in direction: 2005.E2.80.93present
-Anti Cimex
-Jex Thoth
-Dimmu borgir
-Emperor (band)
-Viking era
-Bog iron
-Acradenia euodiiformis
-Volcanic eruption
-Effusive eruption
-Volcano#cite note-esa-10
-Norse funeral
-Koelbjerg Woman
-Bog body
-Population genetics
-Tiger#Social activity
-List of English terms of venery, by animal
-List of English terms of venery, by animal#cite note-sdzoo-1
-Tennessee Walking Horse
-Horse breed
-Fjord horse
-Sled#Types of sleds


Bastien said...

Well this certainly promises to be a lovely time.

Hierophant of Oon said...

You probably already found this in your google abyss , but I found this site to be extreamly helpful when I ran a 9th Century Viking game.

Anonymous said...

Many of those would make excellent metal band names. Which is to say, they would make excellent adventuring band names for metal Vikings.

David K said...

just throwing this out there.