Friday, February 20, 2015

Skin DIamond, Death, Resurrection, Time-Eating Spiders, Another Decimator

Skin Diamond--2012 Urban X Award Female Performer of the Year, 2014 AVN Best Oral and dragonborn (blue) druid) lives around the corner 
So she came over to play her first game--she got Godzilla because, y'know,

We had a full house. 
She brought Heather and they kicked impressive ass--especially for first-
time players. Heather (tiefling paladin) killed a giant-de-aging-web-
shooting spider, and Skin turned into a spider with druid powers and tricked the
another one into running
off after a big juicy imaginary fly.

But then the decimator showed up... #druidlife

It killed Connie (left) after she tried to sneak past its death aura in an anti-magic shell
and rolled a 1. That is Connie's "Fuck I'm dead after 14 levels and 6 years" face.

Connie's drawing of her character Gypsillia, with her famous last words and pig helmet.

Luckily the party has some high level blonde clerics.
One had Resurrection prepared.
So, once the party got an hour's worth of peace and quiet to cast the spell, all good.
It gave Connie more time to draw.
This required casting Reverse Gravity on the decimator--which pretty much
aced it. 300 hit points don't help much when you are just floating 100'
off the ground for 10 rounds. Again. I gotta stop using that monster...
…also, must remember to go after the cleric first.
You'd think she'd be easier to kill.

Anyway, with the Decimator out of the way, next week the party's
free to bring in the Heart King's food-taster. Who's rumored to
be in that tower on the far end of the table...


Bruno said...

Do your characters have a chance of being resurrected in your campaign? If not, that's gotta hurt, level 14... I gotta say, having dice pictures on the character sheets must be a really good help for new players. (I might have to steal that idea for a reference sheet to hand out!)

Zak Sabbath said...

I accidentally left out the resurrection part

Bruno said...

Out of your post or out of your campaign? :p

Zak Sabbath said...


Revenant said...

Yay, happy ending!

Bruno said...

Ah o.k, good for her! :)